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Lalibela serves excellent Ethiopian food. All of their dishes are fresh, flavorful and well-executed. I love their spicy potatoes dish, their mild green lentils, and their split peas. Pretty much every vegetarian dish is vegan here.

I was also impressed with one of their appetizers, a giant mild pepper stuffed with sautéed onions and tomatoes ($5). It was a simple, but delicious, dish.

I have two gripes, though: 1) the veggie sampler combo (which allows you to mix and match 4 dishes) is $14, which is $3 more than the price of just one dish. While pretty much every Ethiopian restaurant I’ve ever been to does this (charging a premium for the sampler), it annoys me, especially because the quantities of each sample tend to be small.

In general the portion sizes here were a tad on the small side. You don’t leave Lalibela with leftovers, which is unusual given my multiple previous experiences with Ethiopian restaurants.

The service and ambience here are both good (this is a good spot to take a date) but the food took quite a while to arrive (20+ minutes).

In conclusion, Lalibela offers great food; I just wish they either lowered their prices by 10-15% or increased their portion sizes.

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Lalibela has pretty standard Ethiopian fare. The shiro was a little spicier than I am used to and the injera wasn't quite as sour, but otherwise the food was identical to the food that I have eaten at other Ethiopian restaurants.

I liked the fact that Lalibela used the word "vegan" to describe the vegetarian options (which are the same at all Ethiopian restaurants and are almost always vegan, but most restaurants just write "vegetarian"). I went on a Saturday night and there was a live music performance by a jazz pianist, which was also a nice touch.

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I appreciated the fact that their sandwich board placed outside the restaurant says "Lunch Buffet: Vegetarian and more" and that out of the 11 dishes available for lunch 9 of them were vegan. The food here was not as good as Ethiopian food in the Twin Cities area, but not as bad as some Ethiopian food I had in other places. It was too bland and oily to be great. But it was edible.

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