Madras Cafe

Manhattan, New York City


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I got pretty excited about this place when I looked at the menu and saw vegan mango lassies on it! And the lassi was a delicious treat indeed. Unfortunately our entrees were lackluster and we didn't even finish them, despite being quite hungry. The "Nine Jewels" vegetable curry was bland and had huge pieces of onion and green pepper in it, and only a couple small florets of cauliflower, which is a much more appropriate vegetable for such a dish. The samosas were okay, and the other entree we got (something about a potato stuffed with peas) was slightly better. Still it was a quality of Indian food I'd expect to eat out of desperation in some suburb or something--certainly I had hoped for more deliciousness than this in New York City.

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Most impressed by this little place when i walked in i was not sure since i was the only person there. But the waiter with his sense of humour and helpful personality made sure i felt like i had nothing to worry about. The only bad thing is it took a while to get your appetizer but when I got it, it was worth the wait. Each dish we ordered was completely different in taste, color, and appearance, which is pleasantly surprising because being a chef i have always felt indian food is a one ingredient/curry sauce cuisine. Price is reasonable but drinks are expensive.

$2.50 for chai is expensive even by starbucks standards but worth it by taste and fresh ness standards

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