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It's a great, cozy place to go with friends and family. Get the specialty menu, that's the new creative stuff. It feels like something special there.

1st and 3rd Saturday 11-4 Buffet
Every Thursday 8-12pm Karaoke

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Duck Yao's totally vegetarian menu is amazing. I could order everything! The Dao tradition offers chicken, beef and fish flavored tofu for those who enjoy the flavors. The freshest ingredients prepared to order with delicate spices and wonderful flavors make a delicious meal. I had fresh spring rolls, stir fried vegetables (asparagus, green and red peppers, yams, zucchini, and more) with assorted nuts (cashews, pecans, almonds) in a light sauce with brown rice. This is authentic Chinese food, not the American version. I could eat this daily and will return soon.

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