Mint Indian Bistro

Las Vegas, Nevada


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The service here is always excellent. And the vegan food is clearly marked. It's fantastic food as well. They have an incredible beer menu as well. The location is not great, but it's often convenient. The prices are a little high but well worth it. If you're not sure what to get choose the buffet so you can try a little of many things.

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This is an excellent Indian restaurant with Tibetan/Nepalese options. The food is light and fresh, and all of the items are clearly marked as vegetarian or vegan friendly. The lunch buffet and the dinner menu are both worth trying.

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Every time I visit Las Vegas I must without fail eat at Mint Indian Bistro (formerly known as Himalayan Cuisine), because I believe it's one of the best Indian restaurants in the country. I say this after having sampled the vegetarian food selection at over a hundred Indian restaurants in about a dozen major cities over the past two decades. The diversity, freshness, and flavor of the Nepali/Indian vegetarian food at Mint is unmatched.

I usually order the Lumbini Platter, which is vegan. This is not cheap at $28 and others may simply wish to try the lunch buffet instead. But for those willing to try the vegan platter, let me say that it's health food that tastes like gourmet food. The meal comes with rice, whole wheat roti, a mixed lentil daal with a tantalizing smoky flavor, a few different vegetable combinations each with their own unique flavor, and a carrot pudding for dessert. On my last visit Chris, the owner, who has become a friend of mine, recommended I try the soy mango lassi afterward, and being in an adventurous mood I tried it and was very happy with the result.

What makes the food at Mint so different is that the flavors of all the ingredients come out in a delightful blend and dance on your palate, because unlike most Indian restaurants, the chef here is sparing with the chili powder, uses oil in carefully controlled amounts, and uses different spice combinations in each dish. As a result you eat to your heart's content, enjoy every bite, remember the delicious curries Mom cooked at home (if you're from India), and end up feeling like you've done your body a favor with all that nutrition.

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Excellent food. The vegan dishes (or dishes that can be made vegan) are numerous and clearly marked. Many also feature organic ingredients. Very reasonably priced, and a very tasty dal comes as an appetizer to every meal. They also have a great selection of beers.

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