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I ate at this place sometime during the summer of 2014 and was really disappointed. We ordered the vegan curry and vegan TLT (tempeh lettuce tomato). Instead of the TLT they gave me a tempeh Reuben. Never mind that I don't like Reubens and it wasn't what I ordered (I told them, and they offered to give me a free dessert... but didn't have any vegan desserts), but this one had absolutely no flavor. It seemed as if the tempeh was fried with no herbs or spices whatsoever, and they topped it with sauerkraut, stuck it between some bread, and called it a Reuben.

The curry was also fairly bland.

I will not be returning to this restaurant and I would not recommend others visit. If you're in the Duluth area and need some vegan food, try Pizza Luce or the Duluth Grill instead.

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I'm a little bummed that my experience wasn't any better than "good." This place has all the makings of an awesome vegan-friendly cafe. Unfortunately, I think our menu choices weren't the best.

We had the Hippie Breakfast (or whatever it was called) and the Veggie Burger. The former was labeled as being vegan upon request, but the server seemed unsure about whether it could be made vegan. We were, of course, hoping for some sort of tofu scramble in place of the eggs. The dish was mostly fruit and really good roasted veggies with a couple pieces of un/barely-seasoned tofu. For the price, it was a little disappointing. The veggie burger was made with quinoa and good, but nothing terribly exceptional.

The service was friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the coffee was great. I'll go back the next time I'm in Duluth and try something different from the menu.

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I love Sara's Table! They have a lot of vegetarian & vegan options. Their veg burgers & curries are delicious in particular! Definitely give them a try!

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They had a good number of tasty options on the menu. I had a tempeh sandwich that I really enjoyed. Also, a large portion of their food is sourced locally which is something I wholeheartedly support.

On top of all that, they support great organizations and their restaurant interior was built from recycled materials.

It's worthwhile to check it out and support what they're doing with this joint.

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Overall good simply to have a vegan option when dining out, as vegan items are labeled in the menu. But vegan menu options change infrequently and there is not much to choose from. Quality of meals seems to vary considerably.

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A friend and I went to Chester Creek for dinner a while ago. I got the falafel sandwich which was really good. The service was great too. I just wish this place had more vegan options. (And maybe a vegan dessert.)

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Chester Creek is located in a somewhat remote area of Duluth, but it's probably worth a visit, as it offers a few labeled vegan items (a rarity in Duluth).

The service was extremely friendly, both from our waiter (who gave us great tips about things to do in Duluth) and from another worker there who happened to be vegan (and gave us tips about where to eat).

We had a tempeh ciabatta ($8) which was tasty and fresh, made with avocado and veganaise. It's only on the lunch menu, not the dinner menu, but the kitchen was gracious enough to make us the sandwich anyway. The ciabatta could have been toasted slightly, but it was an otherwise good sandwich.

We also had a Thai red curry bowl with tofu and brown rice ($9.50) which was spicy and tasty. The portion size was large and I found the dish filling, though I think it could have had more tofu. I'm really glad they served it with brown rice, instead of white, which is a nice touch. I normally don't eat "ethnic" dishes at American-food diners, but this was the only other vegan option on the menu, so we didn't have much of a choice.

My friend also had a macaroon ($3?) which was not totally vegan (it contains honey, which the vegan staff member helpfully told us) and she enjoyed that.

If Chester Creek had a few more vegan options (how about a seitan burger? or tofu tacos?) it would be worthy of much more praise. As it stands, it offers at least a couple good vegan options and is worth a visit.

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