Benny's Burritos

Manhattan, New York City


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Delish!!!!! It's so tough to get vegan Mexican food beyond the usual beans and rice so I was really happy to eat at Benny's. I've also been to the Ave A location, which seems to have a slightly different menu and also charges for chips & salsa. I had a veggie beef burrito at the Ave A location, which I didn't see on the menu here, but this place had a curry veggie burrito special (which I didn't get), that I never saw at the place on Ave A.

My friends and I got free chips and salsa here, but they weren't that great. I had the "Super Chicken Burrito" but subbed tofu for the chicken and it was GREAT! It came with beans, guac, salsa, tofu, sour cream (I got the tofu sour cream), and it usually comes w/ cheese but since I didn't feel like paying $1.75 to get soy cheese, I just left it off.

We went on a Friday night so it was super busy. We waited about 35 minutes for a table but it was worth the wait and the staff was really friendly.

Also, I really like that the delivery guys here are provided helmets and reflective jackets, as many restaurants don't provide anything and totally step all over them. I spoke w/ one of the delivery guys and he says that the restaurant treats them pretty well.

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This is one of my favorite places to get vegan nachos in the city. You can customize your own nachos with such lovely options as vegan cheddar cheese, vegan tofu sour cream, and soft grilled tofu, along with the usual salsa, guac, beans, etc. Yum! I recommend loading up your nachos and splitting them with a friend as all the add-ons can get a bit pricey.

Benny's also offers $3 margaritas (be careful, adding a flavor is an extra $1) and a fun, friendly atmosphere.

My vegan waitress assured me that the cheese, sour cream, and black beans are indeed vegan.

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