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Los Angeles, California


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As Ramona says, they now have few vegan pastry options (except pumpkin pie & other seasonal ones occasionally), but if you look in the raw food fridge, rather than the bakery section, you'll find some great raw food 'cheesecakes'.

They've also been a bit slack lately at labeling the hot foods - I always seem to have to find a staff member to check which ones are vegan.

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I looked and looked for some baked goods or nice desserts in their bakery both yesterday and today I was totally unable to find any!

But other than that, I'm really delighted with this Whole Foods location! They have all the usual grocery options, including a ton of vegan ones, but they also have a lot more warm food options. Since I'm here for a conference, and I'm staying at the hotel across the street (Pasadena Inn), this is a big plus in my book! I got a "vegan tuna sandwich" which was so similar to "real" tuna that I almost spat it out! It tastes good though; I might get it again.

The nut bar looked so cool. And they offer free samples! I got some almonds toasted in syrup and coconut (yumm!) and cinnamon macademia nuts (yumm!).

And of course, since this is California, they have various oranges that are both organic and local. Very cool.

Seeing the compost bins was also a nice surprise! Plus, they have free wireless!

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