Quantum Leap

Manhattan, New York City


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I just love this place. I think that they have fantastic burgers. Also, I love their fresh veggie juice (my personal fav is beet, celery and carrot juice). Delivery is always fast, however, I the delivery min. (I believe that it's $15) is a bit steep. We love the Swiss Mushroom Burger and the Fire Rock Burger. Also, it's if you substitute a salad for fries they are large and very fresh. Also, I like the Chipotle Chik'n Sandwich Dinner (but with the chipotle sauce on the side, I think it gets overwhelming).

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I really hate that this place serves fish, as it's completely vegetarian otherwise. However, they do have a lot of vegan options and some of them are really good. Their mock chicken burrito is good, but their salsa is the worst of I've ever had in my life. You can taste the canned tomato sauce! I also ordered chips and guacamole, and the guac would have been good, but it was mostly green peppers, which were inappropriate and overpowering.

I tried the chocolate vegan soy shake and it tasted good, but doesn't hit the spot if you're in the mood for a thick milkshake (in which case, get a vegan one from Red Bamboo, a few blocks away).

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