Govinda's Vegetarian Buffet

Eugene, Oregon


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My partner and I were wanting to try Govinda's for quite awhile and finally decided to drop in one night. Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed and did not stay to eat.

The buffet had several tasty looking items, like fresh looking salad greens, and a yummy looking dal. The 2 or 3 make entree-type dishes, however, all contained dairy. Additional items on the smallish buffet were either non-vegan or a bit picked-over so as to appear as if they were on the verge of needing to be replenished.

At the full dinner buffet price, we did not feel that greens and dal worked out to a good deal, or a satisfying dinner on a day when we were feeling really hungry.

I will go back and check Govinda's out again, but perhaps for lunch instead.

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I was not impressed. I have seen better salad fixings in my old high school cafeteria. I counted maybe seven different hot items to choose from.

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Govindas resturant was a welcoming place to be. As soon as we,( My boyfriend and I), walked in, it was all smiles. Beautiful art work large windows for great light. Which is very important for me during summertime. The owners were very friendly and ive seen generous actions on their part. The vegan soup tasted light, filled the belly, suprisingly delicous (especiouly coming from a meat eater!), and not to mention cheap! The other hot food followed suit. I have nothing wrong to say about this place. And everyone should be all for supporting local family owned businesses TO BOOT!

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Govinda's is a simple little establishment with simple, but tasty food - mostly vegan. The staff is very friendly. The price for the buffet can't be beat ($7.95 for adults), but almost every time I've been there (which is usually close to closing), they've run out of the best items before we can get seconds.

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