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Brooklyn, New York City


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Delicious!!! I've had take-out pizza here numerous times, and while I'm glad they offer vegan sausage and pepperoni, I think I like the all-veggie pizza better. I know they used to use Follow Your Heart but I think they switched to Daiya. The last pizza I ordered here was a vegan soy cheese pizza with olives, roasted garlic, and sun dried tomatoes. Unfortunately, the cooks forgot to put on the tomatoes but the pizza was still really good. The cheese melted nicely and even the meat eaters really enjoyed it.

Last night, I dined there for the first time and enjoyed their (semi-) heated patio. We started with a broccoli roll, which was basically a calzone but with some large, open slits on the top so it was less bready than a calzone. It came STUFFED with broccoli and vegan cheeze and a side of warm marinara. It was fantastic. It was $6.50 ($5, plus $1 for vegan cheese, plus 50 cents for whole wheat crust), and it was enough for a small meal. However, I'm greedy so my friend and I also ordered a large vegan cheese pizza. For $14, you get a 14-inch pie with melted Daiya cheese. It was very good, but I think I'll get it w/ some veggies on it to spice it up next time.

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