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Pangea offers a wide variety of vegan food and other goods at a good price. Exploring their website is a great way to discover new products not widely available. The carry special holiday items during the xmas/Thanksgiving season and offer cold-pack shipping, as well as free shipping on large purchases. In case you live close to Rockville, MD (as I do), they also have store hours on the weekend.

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Pangea not only has an excellent selection, but their greatest strength is their customer service. The website is very navigable, logical and easy to use. Their employees are amazing. You can call and ask them anything and always get a friendly and honest response. They know their products very well and are completely trustworthy. I always put down the phone happy and excited to get my package in the mail. This is an excellent business that clearly prioritizes their customers.

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Once upon a time, I lived in Chicago and primarily used Pangea to order vegan food for my cat (a difficult commodity to find, even in a large city). Now that I live in rural New Hampshire, I don't know what I would do without Pangea. I end up placing an order almost every month and I have had nothing but positive experiences. My orders always come two days after I place them, even though I don't pay for expedited shipping. I have never received anything that I didn't order, nor have I ever failed to receive something that I did order (at least, not without receiving an e-mail notification and having the cost of the item deducted from my credit card first).

I especially recommend Pangea to anyone who, like me, lives 2 hours from the nearest Whole Foods. You don't know what you're missing out on until you check out this website!

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Pangea is one of three online stores I rely on. They have some great store-made (I think?) cinnamon rolls.

Pangea doesn't try to send you a replacement of equal value if they run out of something you ordered, which is a plus to me, and they always send a note saying exactly what came off of your order and why.

In the two times when I've gotten an incorrect order, they were more than happy to exchange immediately at no extra cost to me.

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'Be sure to mention PETA when placing your online order to have 5% donated to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals!
Just type "PETA" in the field that says "Enter gift certificate number or special instructions here."'

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Yet another high-quality, reliable online shop of vegan goods. I've placed several orders with these guys to be satisfied every time.

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