El Loro's

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Menu has long vegetarian section. Server understood that when we asked for no cheese, that meant vegan, and held the guacamole as well because it contains milk. Fajitas, burritos and enchiladas tasted great and were more than enough to feed hungry adults.

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I used to eat here a lot before going Vegan. They do what they can to accomodate, but most items aren't terribly worth the value of what you get when you take away all the items necessary to make the a dish vegan. I'd prefer that if you are going to hold the cheese, the sour cream, etc, then please make the attempt to put extra vegetables, etc on the fajitas, and such. The last time was very disappointing, some over cooked green peppers and onions, poor quality shredded iceberg lettuce and flavorless guacamole and they called it fajitas. I can do better at home. The value is better for non-vegetarians.

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