Persian House Restaurant

Portland, Oregon


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I visited on a Monday evening and the restaurant was quiet and nearly empty. The ambiance was charming and the room well decorated, though the street is very near if you're at a table by the window.

When I asked about different vegetarian options, the server quickly differentiated between which of the vegetarian dishes were vegan and which had dairy or eggs. After talking over the different flavor combinations and options with her, I ordered the nazkhatun , lentil soup, and spinach and prune khoresh.

The nazkhatun was delicious, if heavier in oil than I might have preferred. I enjoyed the combination of eggplant and pomegranate. The lentil soup, billed as Portland's most authentic, was good but in the future I would get the Shirazy salad. I could easily make the soup on any given day at home and the salad, while also simple, is a Persian staple.

The khoresh was my favorite part of the meal. While the small side of steamed vegetables was nothing special, the tender prunes were wonderful. It was a cold night that I visited, and the food was hearty and comforting.

If you enjoy a flowery tea, order tea. What you get is a light black tea mixed with a bit of rosewater, more of a treat than I would have expected.

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The Persian House had an excellent choice for Vegan, I think they have 10-11 different Entrees for dinner for Vegan and their soup is Vegan also. A really good place to try out with your girlfriend.

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This is a nice quiet and exotic location for having a meal. The flavors of everything I ate ranged from higly exotic to highly familiar. I ate the lunch buffet and everything except two meat dishes was vegan. Truly an adveture for your taste buds, though I though the food was a bit overcooked. Similar to what you see at some Indian restaurant buffets.

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