Thanh Thao

Portland, Oregon


rating star

Thanh Thao serves the best Vietnamese food I have ever had! My family and I have eaten at the Thanh Thao restaurants across Portland since I was 9 years old. I love their salad rolls, vegan hot & sour soup and the vegan eggplant & tofu in a brown garlic sauce. It is one of my favorites!

But anything on the menu can be made vegan and it is delicious! There are endless options. They serve many kinds of soups, hot pots, noodles and rice dishes. The sky is the limit. Some of the very, very healthy vegan options are: Rau Hap steamed vegetables with rice, rau muong xao toi, sauteed spinach with garlic sauce and rice, rau xa lach dau dam, vietnamese salad, rau xao thap cam, sauteed mixed vegetables and rice, or dau hu xao xa ot, sauteed fried tofu with lemongrass, onion, green pepper, and chili sauce.

All are delicious. When my whole family of seven, goes to Than Thao, it is so fun because we order a feast of vegan foods to share! I always order the eggplant with tofu.

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