Paul & Elizabeth's

Northhampton, Massachusetts


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There are a number of vegan options on the menu. The food is consistently good but not amazing. Tends to be on the bland side.

I go here fairly often and the service has always been pleasant and is usually efficient. There seems to be a fairly high turn over of wait staff and the new staff isn't always completely familiar with the ingredients in all the menu choices. But, they've always been cheerful about checking with the kitchen to answer questions.

Great location and hours.

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Though the food has been decent (the tempura is quite tasty!) and the restaurant is in good location that's convenient I will not be going back to Paul & Elizabeth's. I have been consistently unhappy with the service. They also always run out of the foccacia which is the vegan option of bread. I had a helpful, good natured server once out of all the times I have been there. After bringing friends from out of the area there I was embarassed by the experience and had to apologize. Thanks anyway Paul & Elizabeth's.

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The food at Paul and Elizabeth's is decent (albeit, not particularly exciting). They have a couple of seitan/tofu dishes for the vegans (all of which seem to consist of vegetables and rice, be served in either a ginger sauce or a mushroom sauce). There is one vegan dessert on the menu, a non-dairy chocolate mousse that is served with drizzled raspberry sauce. The chocolate mousse was actually pretty good, but it was the only really interesting vegan item at Paul and Elizabeth's.

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