Bangkok Thai

Salt Lake City, Utah


rating star

Bangkok Thai has the largest vegetarian menu in the city. They can make almost all of these items vegan and they are clearly marked. Make sure to ask for the vegetarian menu. They also prepare and cook the vegan items completely separate from the meat items. They only use the freshest ingredients. This is probably the safest restaurant to eat at for GLUTEN-FREE foods, also. My favorite dish is the spicy mint noodle. Some people I know say they have had bad service there, but the service has always been great for me. I suggest you go on Monday nights when they have "Meatless Mondays" because all vegetarian/vegan meals are $7.99.

rating star

WOW, I LOVED this place!!! Granted, I love Thai food so it's to be expected, but they really knew how to do it :) SLC isn't exactly veg friendly, so it was great to find this place and have so many yummy veg options. Definitely stop by if you're in the hood!

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