Dalo’s Kitchen

Portland, Oregon


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I happened upon Dalo's when looking for vegan dinner options in the neighborhood. Dalo's has a nondescript entrance on Williams and is located inside some kind of community center building. Despite the entrance looking more like a back door, the decor inside is very nice. There is a restaurant seating area and also a bar section.

Dalo's has several options listed as vegan, which are available a la carte, in the "vegan platter," or on the buffet ($11-12), if you are there at the right time. We opted for the buffet, which had plenty of options - injera (spongy bread) with a simple salad (seasoned with vinegar), seasoned rice with red kidney beans, red lentil wat and yellow split pea wat, a cooked cabbage dish, and a cooked gomen or spinach dish. (Otherwise, there were two other dishes with meat in the buffet).

I don't have Ethiopian cuisine often (so I'm not a connaisseur) but the food was satisfying, the server was very nice, and the coffee was good too.

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I love Ethiopian food, but I found the food at Dalo's to be mediocre and inauthentic. The injera was rubbery. The yater alitcha tasted like bland American split pea soup. The miser wot was again bland and very mushy, lacking any defining feature. The tikel gomen (the cabbage dish) was very, very oily and otherwise tasteless. And the iceberg-lettuce salad added nothing.

However, the price was great. One large platter for $9 was more than enough to serve the two of us (with one extra injera for $1). Unfortunately, it also is the best Ethiopian I have had in Portland.

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The food here was so so. Those who are used to getting the vegetarian platters at Ethiopian restaurants will be disappointed to get only 4 dishes: red lentils, split peas, cabbage mix, and green salad; there was no spinach or green bean dish. The cabbage dish was a bit oily for my taste too, but overall the food was pretty good (certainly better than other Portland Ethiopian restaurants that I've heard of). However, it was really cheap; you get a ton of food for $8.99: enough to fill two people for sure.

The service was ok, but very slow.

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This is one of the best and most affordable Ethiopian restaurants in Portland (I did used to live in Chicago and they had great Ethiopian all you can eat nights). Plus, folks who are gluten intolerant will appreciate their injera - it's acceptable for celiacs, or so I've been told. Their vegetarian platter (which is most definitely vegan) is $8, a steal when shared with someone. And when shared you both will be STUFFED since the injera is never ending, so if you were only moderately hungry I'd suggest bringing a third person. It's weird that they also serve tuna and ham and cheese sandwiches, but, you still gotta love this place and all its charm!

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