Quicksands Cafe & Bakery

San Antonio, Texas


rating star

I really like Quicksands! If you let them know you're vegan, they will point you toward all your options -- the staff is extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about their menu items. I believe all the entrees come with soup, salad, and unbelievable freshly made bread! They have had vegan soup and salad options every time I've visited. Some delicious things I've tried and would recommend are the sweet potato bread and date bread (both amazing), strawberry-jicama salad, hummus appetizer with pita-type bread, and a "quicksand" -- a wrap sandwich with toppings of your choosing. Toppings that would especially appeal to vegans include tvp (texturized vegetable protein), tofu, and hummus. The meals I've had have been $7 to $8, but it's a great value -- they give you SO much food for your money, I left feeling stuffed (with very healthy food) and satisfied!

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