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Portland, Oregon


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The store is not vegetarian, they sell frozen dinners and soups containing chicken. We went recently and the owners were rude when we asked what items in the deli were vegan. We ended up eating 2 samosas, and some weird snack mix with potatoes and chick peas added.

The deli is all vegetarian, but definitely not vegan friendly. If you live in Beaverton it might be something to try once in awhile, but it's really a wasted trip from Portland.

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The store seemed to have a wide variety of Indian products, spices, ingredients, etc., including a lot of things I was not familiar with, as well as ready-to-eat stuff like canned and frozen Indian entrees and desserts, and drinks. And it's great that it's all vegetarian!

The food in the cafe seemed fairly inexpensive. I had a dosa and a lentil soup for $5.45. However, neither were super tasty; they were fine, but nothing special. And they use plastic utensils and paper or Styrofoam plates. The one thing I did like about the cafe is that it has an open kitchen, so you can watch the cook make the food.

I'd give the store a 9 and the cafe a 6, but I don't know much about Indian food, so someone who is more knowledgeable should review it.

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