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New Haven Area, Connecticut


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I really love Miya's. It's a go-to spot for quick, delicious, unusual meals. It's also a cozy, welcoming spot for a date or for a larger group of people. While sushi for vegans normally consists of avocado or cucumber rolls, at Miya's, you get dozens of more interesting options (which I'll detail below---indeed, the owner proudly proclaims that he offers the largest vegetarian sushi menu in the world, and he's right). Miya's takes risks and should be applauded for doing so. Moreover, there's no other place on the planet like Miya's and I'll miss it when I leave New Haven.

Given the myriad choices, what's good to order? Well, I'd start off with the "simple" rolls:

-artichoke cumin,
-the curried cauliflower
-the spicy eggplant, all of which are $3.50, and you get 8 pieces with each
-The "killer squid" (which is made with fried udon noodles; $8.75) is also excellent
-Charlie Chan Ching Chong (broccoli, roasted garlic, and black beans, $6.75)

Where Miya's goes wrong is its sweet rolls. There's a lot of them on the menu, and most are made with sweet potato, coconut and other fruits. They sound tasty in theory, but in reality they end up being too sweet. Sugary, really. The "Kiss the smiling piggy" is an example of the sweetness gone wrong.

I also was not a fan of any of their sake cocktails. I tried a couple: one made with chili peppers (the "immigrant cocktail"), and another sweet one, the "kama sutra." Again, both are risky drinks (chili peppers in a cocktail!) but both are difficult to take more than a few sips of. The immigrant cocktail is just too spicy (even for this reviewer, who grew up eating spicy Indian food), and the kama sutra is just too sweet.

The service here is always friendly and knowledgeable about what's vegan or can be made vegan.

Expect long waits for a table during peak times (Thursday-Saturday after 6 p.m.), and sometimes expect long waits for your food as well---we once waited nearly 90 minutes for our order to arrive. Our server graciously gave us a free larger appetizer to hold us over, but that was still a ridiculously long wait.

Miya's doesn't have any vegan desserts per se (unless you count their sweet sushi rolls as dessert), so it would be nice to see some coconut green tea ice cream, for example, or some kind of concoction with tea and fruit. For a creative restaurant like this, it seems a shame that they don't have any creative vegan desserts.

All that said, I still love Miya's and recommend it to pretty much anyone.

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The sushi at Miya's is very innovative. Unlike other sushi restaurants, which tend to have the same unexciting options for vegetarians (cucumber roll, avocado roll, inari sushi), Miya's creates interesting flavors by taking combinations of fruits, nuts, vegetables and sauces. The results might be offensive to anyone looking for an authentic sushi restaurant, but I don't care about these sorts of things - I was just happy to have a good number choices for once! I also liked the fact that Miya's uses a combination of different grains (millet, quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, oat groats and koshikari rice) in their sushi, which gives it a richer texture.

My favorite sushi rolls were the Japafrican Queen Roll (which was basically Ethiopian food wrapped in injera, cut into the shape of sushi - I had them leave off the goat cheese, since I'm vegan) and the Kiss The Smiling Piggie (which contained sweet potato, mango chutney and pine nuts). The sake infusion cocktails sounded like a good idea, but in reality I found them to be a bit disappointing. I ordered a cocktail made from watermelon juice and chili pepper-infused sake and found that the chili pepper flavor overpowered the watermelon flavor. Next time, I will probably stick with getting one of my standard glasses of chilled sake, rather than going for a cocktail.

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This is my boyfriend's and my favorite place to eat in CT. All of the vegetable rolls starts on page 13 of the menu, or maybe its 15. Tell the waiter/waitress that you are vegan and they'll take care of it. A few of the rolls have cheese in them, but they will make them without. Also, the ginger is soaked in honey, but they will cut you fresh ginger. The 'kiss the smiling piggy', 'killer squid' and 'foo man choo' are my favorite rolls there. But I have never been disappointed with any of the rolls there.

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