Vegie Shokudou

Koenji, Tokyo


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This place is AMAZING! The food is SO good and is SO cheap, not to mention that it's locally grown by disabled children and that the cafe is run by activists! One of the guys in there was wearing a shirt that said "No G8 in Japan!"

The main meal is 600 yen (about US$5), but since they didn't have much food left when we got there, they whipped up all new food, but still only charged us 300 yen.

The Zapatistas shaped sweet breads (that looked like ALF members) tasted great and were adorable--they had raisin eyes--and the tea was exceptionally tasty (they added fresh mint to it).

My friends and I hung out there a couple hours after close, talking with the people who work there, some of whom speak English.

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