Brown Rice Deli

Omotesando, Tokyo
5-1-17 Jingumae


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Vegetarian Japanese take-away


Brown Rice Cafe is a whole foods based cafe that focuses on brown rice, vegetables, and soy. This is the deli that is right next door, that has many of the dishes as take-away items, along with a larger selection of baked goods and desserts.

Brown Rice Deli also carries many hard-to-come-by items, such as organic and natural peanut butter, jams, spreads, baking items, along with dried fruits and nuts, and many items that you would likely only recognize if you were (or spoke) Japanese.

Brown Rice used to be completely vegan but are now using honey in some of their dishes, and some egg and dairy. Please check with the staff before ordering.

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I had one of their take-out bowls of mixed veggies and tofu (pictured above). I'm not really big on Japanese food, but their food was very creative and well prepared. It was flavorful (as flavorful as mild Japanese food can be) and very healthy.

I couldn't identify everything I was eating, including some soft, squishy, gelatinous blobs of what may have been tofu. I really liked the sauteed veggie mixtures and the various kinds of marinated and baked tofu.

I also had a cookie but it seemed to healthy to be a cookie, it tasted more like an energy bar. The mini tarts, however, are exceptional. Both the chocolate and the lemon are very good, although they are very pricey, given how tiny they are.

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Take the Hanzoman line to Omote-sando station. Take the B2 exit and walk in the opposite direction that the exit leads you. Go down the first alley on your left (about 20 feet away), and walk a few minutes until you see Crayon House on your right (it's on a corner). Take a right here, and Brown Rice will be half way down the block, on the left side.


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11am - 8pm

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