Natural House

Minato, Tokyo
3-6-18 Kita Aoyama


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Veg-friendly grocery


The Natural House is a health food store that carries many vegetarian and vegan treats, including vegetarian sushi (that usually contains egg), curries, some fake meats, vegan soy ice cream, and many vegan cakes, brownies, and parfaits that are provided by Maman Terrace.

They offer a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a great selection of hard-to-come-by grains and legumes, such as quinoa, cous cous, and lentils.

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The health food store sells vegan products such as mock meats and cheeses.They also sell fresh produce. I was lucky to be able to talk to a sales clerk that spoke good enough English to realize why I was struggling and staring at the nutritional value of things like bread and using my kanji dictionary. So hard. Not fond of those memories! haha. She would tell me what had eggs or milk in them. Very nice of her. The cafe was good. I used to study and spend the afternoon munching on my lunch and drinking tea or coffee. They had a really good mushroom stir fry dish that I liked very much.

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This is one of the few places that I've been able to find some non-noodle and non-rice staples (like lentils), along with easy prep items like Fantastic brand products. The mini vegan cakes were expensive (about 400 yen) but amazing. I had the almond and banana roll cake and the fruit and cream parfait.

Unfortunately, despite their natural and organic focus, they use a lot of paper and plastic packaging. At least they charge 5 yen for a reusable wooden spoon, which may discourage people from getting plastic silverware.

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Take the Hanzoman line to Omotesando Station and take the B2 exit. Turn and walk in the opposite direction that the exit leads you, and walk for about 1 minute and Natural House will be on your left.

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  • (Mostly) Organic


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10am - 10pm

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