Vegan Healing Restaurant

Shibuya, Tokyo


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In Shibuya, there is the really awesome Vegan Healing Cafe. This is where I found my Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide book. It was my first experience with texturized soy meat. I had no idea what it was, but I liked it. I even brought some home with me because I didn't even know you could get it in America! Mmm. The owner was so nice too. She could tell just how I excited I was about her restaurant. She had vegan and animal right literature out by the cash register too (mostly PETA leaflets in English and Japanese).

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Yay, an all-vegan restaurant in Tokyo...and not one of those all-vegan (except one dish) or an all-vegan (except the fish) places. Good food, and the portions aren't quite as small as most other restaurants.

I had the tempeh sausage with rice and it was really good--it came with this unidentifiable cream sauce, but it was tasty. I also sampled my friend's curry, which was good, but pretty average. Then we had the chocolate almond tart and the apple crumble pie and both were excellent. I preferred the tart (which was pretty much chocolate tofu pie).

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