Vegan Healing Restaurant

Shibuya, Tokyo
Parashion Shibuya Building 102, 6-20


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Vegan Healing is a small cafe and restaurant in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. They offer a number of vegan sandwiches, soups, curries, and tofu/veggie/rice items. They also offer a number of vegan desserts, including apple crisp, carob brownies, and chocolate pie.

The menu is in both English and Japanese and the staff doesn't speak English, but they understand if you order in English.

There is a black PETA van that is usually parked outside the restaurant, which will help you find it.

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In Shibuya, there is the really awesome Vegan Healing Cafe. This is where I found my Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide book. It was my first experience with texturized soy meat. I had no idea what it was, but I liked it. I even brought some home with me because I didn't even know you could get it in America! Mmm. The owner was so nice too. She could tell just how I excited I was about her restaurant. She had vegan and animal right literature out by the cash register too (mostly PETA leaflets in English and Japanese).

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Yay, an all-vegan restaurant in Tokyo...and not one of those all-vegan (except one dish) or an all-vegan (except the fish) places. Good food, and the portions aren't quite as small as most other restaurants.

I had the tempeh sausage with rice and it was really good--it came with this unidentifiable cream sauce, but it was tasty. I also sampled my friend's curry, which was good, but pretty average. Then we had the chocolate almond tart and the apple crumble pie and both were excellent. I preferred the tart (which was pretty much chocolate tofu pie).

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Take the JR Yamonote line to the Shibuya exit and exit at the HOCHIKO exit. You will see a huge Starbucks across the street. Cross the street and go up the road on the right side of Starbucks. Go a few blocks and start asking for Tokyu Hands (you take a left to get there but there is no street name). When you get by Tokyu Hands, you'll see a Harley Davidson across the street. Go up the tiny lane/street on the left of Harley Davidson and Vegan Healing will be on your left.

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11:30am - 9pm

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