The Orient

Hanover, New Hampshire


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This restaurant is the only one that rivals Yama for "best" in town. The service is great - the food comes really fast, and if you go a few times a year, the waiter may remember your favorite foods & drinks!

They have some tasty vegan selections. I recommend:
- Spinach with bean curd in black bean sauce
- Vegetarian General Tso's chicken (wheat gluten)
- Vegetarian sesame chicken (wheat gluten, and this one is sweet)
- Geral Tso's bean curd

They also have good veggie dumplings. And, IF YOU ASK, they will serve brown rice.

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The Orient has a good selection of tofu dishes and, to my pleasant surprise, fake meat dishes (made with seitan). I love the vegetarian sesame chicken. Their delivery service is usually quicker than the phone operator estimates. Overall, I've had very good experiences with this place.

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