DevaDeva Cafe

Musashino City, Tokyo

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Vegetarian cafe

DevaDeva Cafe is a vegetarian (mostly vegan) cafe that has everything from vegetable & bean curries to crispy wholewheat pizza to soysages & soy chicken nugget to paninis. They also have custom vegan or eggless birthday cakes available.

They can get really crowded on the weekends.

Due to the health-conscious nature of the cafe, they are one of the few restaurants in Japan that is non-smoking.

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DevaDeva Cafe makes vegan birthday cakes to order (place your order 10 days in advance). The trip to get this cake was a great adventure. I had to take several trains waaaay on what seemed like the outskirts of Tokyo and then go on a hunt for this cafe. Street signs in Japan are not marked well (or at all sometimes). After wandering around for almost three hours on many side streets, I found this place. It was on the second level. Of course. I wasn't looking up for a sign; I was looking at the ground level. I remember I took a Starbucks break in this long hunt and ended up having an early dinner at DevaDeva because it just took so long to find! The cafe had quite a menu and they sold little snack foods (pre-packaged and baked goods they made) at the cash register.

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I only had one item from here but I wasn't impressed with it. I ordered what I thought was BBQ "beef" and rice, but it turned out to taste more like compressed veggies and whole soy than the less healthy, but more tasty, processed soy meats that I'm used to. The flavor and texture were so-so, and perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't expected an unhealthier version.

I didn't try their vegan chicken nuggets or spaghetti, but both looked really good.

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11am - 9pm
11am - 9pm

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