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Grenada, Caribbean


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The Lodge advertizes itself as 'Vegetarian Paradise'/'Vegan Heaven' and this has to be one of the biggest understatements ever! My wife and I spent two wonderful weeks in this 'slice of paradise' where with Mark and Mary's food 'to die for' (after the fresh made tagliatelle arabata they served we now have a marker for pasta that we have never before or since experienced - and we lived in Italy for 3 years!)and their love of all thigs Grenadian that they shared with us this was the holiday that we as long term Vegans had previously not been able to find. If there are three things you need to do in your life its: 1 visit the Grand Canyon. 2. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt and 3. take a Vegan vacation at The Lodge in Grenada

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My wife and I spent a heavenly week at The Lodge in Grenada earlier this year. We are vegans and found the hosts and the property exceeded our expectations in every way. We would still be there if we could afford to be. The food was delicious with a wide variety of offerings made from ingredients either grown on property or nearby. The hosts, Mark and Mary Hardy, are delightful, caring, and fascinating people with whom still correspond. The property and location were true paradise. We can't wait to go back.

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The Lodge on Grenada was one of the best vacations my husband and I have had in twenty year. Outstanding views, beautiful accomodations, and out of this world scruptious vegan dinners and breakfasts (and lunch on request) from Mary and Mark. Delightful hosts with dry British humor and a wonderful sense of the history and rich offerings of the region and their place.

We brought a couple with us who are decidely NOT vegetarians and they loved it too. Highly recommended for the food, the people, the gorgeous home, and the island experience.

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My husband and I stayed at the Lodge in Grenada for a week and our experience was nothing short of wonderful! Our flight was several hours late and we had no way to contact one of the owner's, Mark, who was picking us up at the airport. Mark had to hang around the airport for several hours waiting for us but when we finally got there he was nothing but kind and friendly. We arrived late at night due to our delay but when we got to the Lodge the other owner, Mary had thoughtfully prepared a snack for us after our long day of travel. This type of kindness and thoughtfulness was typical of our hosts at the Lodge throughout our stay. We also recieved tips about local customs and were appreciative of the information as we had never visited Grenada before and like to respect local customs wherever we travel. We found Mark and Mary to be exceptionally good hosts. Mark took us on a great Jeep tour of the entire island, as well as to several lovely beaches and an amazing vegan chocolate factory. On all of our day-long excursions, Mary packed us delicious picnic lunches. Meals were very tasty with much of the produce grown right there on the property. I have a wheat intolerance and all of our meals were completely wheat-free (not always an easy task). It's true that there is no air conditioning, but as the Lodge is located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean and the harbor of St Georges, there are always lovely breezes. (The view is spectacular!) There is no TV, but we didn't miss that a bit as we never lacked for good after-dinner conversation with our hosts. We also had a "movie-night" where a rented film was shown on a white wall outdoors - a treat for a film buff such as myself. Mark and Mary were perceptive hosts who hit the perfect balance of giving us "space" to spend time alone while also being friendly and excellent conversationalists. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would rate the Lodge 5 stars for location, eco-friendliness, accomodations (room, linens, bed comfort, cleanliness), food, and service. My only complaint would be that the pool is small, but it's chemical free so I think it was still better than we'd find at a hotel/resort. And it was SUPER to never have to worry "Is the food really vegan? What about the toiletries? Is my money being used in ways that I don't want to support?" !!! When I read the negative review that was posted, I couldn't believe what they said. The only reason I can think of is that they were expecting a HOTEL type experience, and the Lodge is more like a B & B - low-key and casual - but we did have a private bathroom! We still keep in touch with the proprietors, Mark and Mary, as right from the start we felt like they were friends rather than staff, And I'd also like to add that when we left I perused the guest book and it was filled with comments like ours - stories of wonderful, once in a lifetime stays in Grenada at the Lodge! I would gladly return every year if I had the means to do so. I have travelled throughout the Caribbean, as well as extensively in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the US and I would highly recommend the Lodge as a destination to any discerning traveler!

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My husband and I stayed at The Lodge in Grenada in May 2007 and we can't wait for the next opportunity to go back. This is not your average bed and breakfast -- the food and accommodations are superb and you're treated like family.

Our room was beautiful and included a large private deck with direct access to the pool below. Every meal we had was a real treat (we had breakfast and dinner at The Lodge). Each dinner was better than the next and always included dessert and wine or beer. After dinner every night we spent time on the deck, watching the stars (A LOT more than we can see in Chicago) and enjoying some of the best coffee we've had. The location is ideal. The Lodge is on a hill, so you can see down into St. George's in one direction and the mountains in the other direction.

We just loved the owners -- Mark and Mary -- who are both generous of spirit and generous with their knowledge of the island. Our first day on the island Mark gave us a full tour of the area in his jeep. And we never had to wonder how to get around or where to go for good vegan food while we were out exploring during the day. They were always ready with directions and tips. And we had some fantastic conversations over meals and while hanging around the house. By the end of the week we felt that we were walking away with new friends.

I highly recommend The Lodge to anyone -- vegan or not -- visiting Grenada. Not only will you experience excellent food and accommodations, but you will have the benefit of friendly locals to guide you.

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We returned yesterday from The Lodge and, as repeat visitors, found it exactly to our liking and purpose, which was a quiet getaway and a celebration of our anniversary. This property is not the Four Seasons and those who want such a holiday should go there. The Lodge is a true Caribbean oasis, living like it was long ago in a plantation setting with unbeleivable gardens, with no television, radio or wireless internet. Those who feel compelled to take New York on vacation with them should go where these amenities are available. This is a true vegan paradise, one which truly reflects the spirit of a committed vegan. There is no place here for part time and non-serious vegans, as the food reflects true vegan values, excellent and controlled fresh and natural ingrediants and size appropriate portions that reflect vegan philosophy of sufficiency and not excess. Even with these parameters, the food is excellent, a great variety for dinner, with true thought for flavor and taste. To be a vegan I have always assumed that I am different from the norm. Vegans have a different outlook on life and the world around us. Mary and Mark, the owners, chefs, cooks, cleaners and bottlewashers, are prime examples of true vegans.

The Lodge is exactly what it is avdertised as, great, but simple accomodation, some of the best vegan food avaialble, an offering of peace and tranquility and a chance to slow down the mind and cleanse the body and spirit. As residents of Barbados, we also understand that a place like the Lodge is different and it takes a true vegan, looking for real peace, living without the influence of Blackberry and television to get it.

So any true vegan, with a taste of adventure, a true love of life, an ability to entertain ones self and not rely on electronics, a love of excellent food and a chance to have a relationship with Mary and Mark, two really interesting, honest and beautiful people, The Lodge is the place for you.

Phil and Susan

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Buyer beware! My girlfriend and I stayed at The Lodge in Grenada for 7 days in November of 2008. We are both vegan and were excited about staying in a vegan, eco-friendly B&B in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived.

Mary, the co-owner, immediately formed her opinion of us. We weren't there 30 minutes before she was instructing us how to greet the locals. I guess she assumed us crass Americans would use "Hey you!" or "How you doin'?" The rest of the week she proceeded to lecture and analyze us (Mark & Mary were both formerly in the psychology field). My girlfriend and I could not have been more polite, respectful, and considerate. In my opinion, we were perfect guests. We didn't ask for much, but when we did, we were often surprised by Mary's responses. For example: I asked her for a cup of laundry detergent so we could wash some clothes in our room. Laundry services were not part of the package, so when she offered to do it for us, I felt bad and suggested I run the machine instead. For some reason, Mary was offended by this. She would often snap at me and say, "When I say something, I mean it!" This came to a head on the last morning when she asked us what time we would like to have lunch (our flight was at 7:30 PM). We looked at each other and asked if 4 PM would be o.k. She said yes. Then I asked if she was sure that was o.k. because I figured this might interfere with her schedule. It was at this point that she laid into me. She said something to the effect that my words were like "spewing syrup." I explained that I was just trying to be polite and considerate. She proceeded to insult me some more and then walked away. At that moment, we decided to leave for the airport. We did not want to spend another minute in her presence. We spent the rest of the day at the airport. Her husband, Mark, was no prize either. He made no attempt to connect with us. Having a conversation with the guy was like pulling teeth.

Mark and Mary should consider getting out of the service industry. They are terrible psychologists, and even worse B&B owners.

If you enjoy good food, great views, and rude, unstable hosts, then this is the place for you. As for us, on our next trip to Grenada, we will opt for a nice resort with cable TV and air conditioning and get vegetable rotis and falafel wraps from the food court at the mall.

I'm hoping my review will save someone else from having an experience like us.

Good luck.

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