Tipps 88 Thai Cuisine

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona

Closed as of Jul 1 10

1435 E. University Dr
Suite C111-C112
Tempe, Arizona 85281


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Experience faraway flavors

Amazing vegan friendly Thai restaurant, tofu, vegetable, and mock duck dishes aplenty! The have 35 items on the vegetarian menu, only a couple contain eggs but the eggs can be removed to make the items Vegan.

**Be careful with the vegetarian dishes! Last time I went to Tipps, they asked me if I was strict vegetarian because some of the dishes (I ordered Pad Thai) contain fish sauce. **

VEG menu inclues:
>EGG ROLLS (Vegetables, pineapple sauce)
>TIPPS TOFU (Natural tofu, deep fried sweet and sour sauce)
>FOUR FRIENDS (Zucchini, green beans broccoli, and yams deep-fried in a light batter sweet and sour sauce)
>MEE KROB (Sweet crispy noodles topped with egg and bean sprouts)
>TOFU SATAY (Grilled Marinated tofu served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad)

VEG Soups
>TOM YUM VEGGIES (Tofu and mushrooms in a spicy and sour soup)
>TOFU VEGETABLE SOUP (chef's choice - includes fresh Veggies and tofu)
>TOM KHA TOFU (Galanga coconut soup, spicy and sour)

>THAI SALAD (Peanut dressing AND crispy noodles)
>LARB TOFU (Spicy tofu salad)

>MIXED BEAN CURRY (Stir fried green beans, kidney beans, curry sauce)
>KANG KA REE (Yellow curry with tofu, potatoes and onions
>KANG PED VEGGIE (Eggplant, zucchini, bamboo shoots, mushrooms red curry, coconut milk)
>FOREST CURRY (Tofu and Veggies, red curry sauce)
>MUS-SA-MUN (Fried tofu, potatoes, peanuts, onion and pineapple)

>SPICY FRIED RICE (Tofu or mock duck, garlic and chili)
>KAO PAD (Tofu or mock duck, egg)
>KAO PAD IMPERIAL (Kidney bean, pineapple bell peppers, tomatoes, onions
>KAO PAD PAK (Fried rice with vegetables)

>PAD TAI (Thin noodles, eggbean sprouts, peanut, Tofu or mock duck) **Has FISH SAUCE unless you ask to remove**
>RAD NAH (Broccoli, rice noodles, Tofu or mock duck)
>PAD SEE YOU (Rice noodles, broccoli, Tofu or mock duck)
>SPICY TOFU NOODLES (Spicy rice noodles, tofu, mushroom)
>BA-MEE VEGGIE (Chow mien noodles pan-fried with mock duck, boc choy and bean sprouts)

>BABY CORN MUSHROOM (Sautéed onions, baby corn, mushrooms)
>SWEET & SOUR TOFU (Tofu, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers,
>EGGPLANT PAD PRIK (Eggplant, sauteed garlic, chili, and basil)
>GINGER MOCK DUCK (Ginger, mushroom, celery, onion, mock duck)
>STEAMED MUSHROOM VEGGIE TOFU (Steamed tofu, mushrooms Napa, ginger)
>PEPPER GARLIC TOFU (Black pepper, garlic, tofu)
>SPICY MINT LEAVES TOFU (Tofu with ground chili, garlic in a chef's special sauce)

Located just west of McClintock Dr, this venue has a large outdoor patio.

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I recently went in to Tipps 88 with a vegan friend of mine on her recommendation. Wanting to know out of all the Thai food restaurants in the area (something absurd like 10 around ASU) and as a fan of one of the other (that I will not mention here.) She told me that there vegetarian menu was fantastic. To quote her, "it rocked." I was not disappointed. The food was fantastic and full of flavor. Other Thai restaurants vegetarian options are very limited and tend to be a bit on the greasy side. Tipps had fresh ingredients and a refreshing taste. Finish off with the homemade coconut ice cream. You will not be disappointed.

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We went to this restaurant on the basis of the recommendations given by other reviewers. For the appetizer, we ordered the tofu satay with peanut sauce. It was delicious and very sweet, the only thing lacking would have been chili sauce to create more dimension/spiciness. For the main dishes, we ordered both the sweet and sour vegetables and the red curry with brown rice. The sweet and sour had a very delicate taste, which the brown rice overshadowed. The red curry had a bolder taste that went well with the rice. However, the brown rice was mushy and not very good (brown rice costs extra as well). Overall, the food was good and the atmosphere pleasant.

Update: I recently went back for lunch and ordered the Kang-Ped veggie. I was slightly worried that I wouldn't get enough food to feel full but they assured me this wouldn't be the case. The red curry sauce was the same as the last time but the eggplant in the dish was tender and delicious! I LOVE eggplant and this met my expectations. I also got a little mini egg-roll and a bowl of soup. The soup was so-so, just a combination of broth with a few veggies floating around whereas the egg-roll was the perfect finish to the meal.

My 3rd and 4th times here were both excellent. They give you a choice of 1-10 for heat and 7 seems to be perfect for my heat tolerance (which is pretty high). I have since ordered the Forest Curry and it's very similar to the Kang Ped Veggies but without the coconut milk. I have also never ordered the brown rice again as the white rice is satisfactory and free.

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Mill Avenue


Located approximately 1/4 mile from the SW corner of McClintock and University; directly across from the world's largest solar panels on the ASU campus.


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Wheelchair Accessible


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11am - 3pm;
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11am - 9:30pm

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