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This is the worst co-op I've been to in the country. They are very meat-oriented, and often their to-go fridge doesn't even have a vegetarian sandwich. The larger co-op in nearby Lebanon has a more complete deli, but they intermingle the vegetarian stuff in with the meat stuff, and they have almost nothing vegetarian on the sandwich menu.

More than that, they are one of those co-ops that started in the depression, so their focus was just staples and mainstream food. Yes, they have natural & organic foods, too, but the selection is worse than co-ops a tenth their size.

If you want a specific healthy food it can be frustrating to shop there. You can get a better organic produce selection and items like acai juice at the Cost Cutters or Shaws in West Lebanon.

Plus, prices are 2 to 3 times higher than the other grocery stores, with almost non-existant member benefits. There is no working membership - you have to buy in, and live with the disappointment.

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The Hanover Co-op doesn't have as much selection as the Lebanon Co-op, but it does have a number of vegan staples: casein-free soy cheese, soy margarine, mock meat products. If you're looking for more than one flavor of soy ice cream, you should go to the Lebanon Co-op.

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