Jewel of India

Hanover, New Hampshire


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This is a pretty good Indian restaurant. Definitely considered by locals to be the better of the 2 in town. If you get take-out, give them twice as much time as they quote to get your food ready.

For vegetarians, this is the only restaurant in town (with the exception of the other Indian restaurant) with any kind of selection that can keep you interested for more than 2 visits.

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Jewel of India is a fairly decent, standard North Indian restaurant. I liked their aloo gobi and their fried cheese pakora (which I no longer eat since becoming vegan).

The service was usually decent. But the last time I went there I actually had to send a dish back (my standard aloo gobi) because it just tasted awful. I'm not sure what was wrong with it, as I had ordered that dish multiple times before. The owner was not happy with me and gave me a dirty look and didn't attempt to replace the dish. I think I was black-listed from that point forward; fortunately, I was just a few weeks away from graduating, so it didn't really matter.

The ambience is sort of romantic/quiet/classy and I found this was a good place to take a professor for lunch. Back then, Dartmouth students could get a discount, but I'm not sure if they still have that promotion.

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Jewel of India is consistently rated the Best Indian Restaurant in the Upper Valley. I'm pretty sure that this is because there isn't much competition. The food is pretty bland (unless you tell your server that you want it really, really, really spicy and even then you're likely to get something that doesn't have much spice).

The samosas at the Jewel of India are probably the only good samosas in the region. There are other places in the Hanover area that sell samosas, but they all seem to be made by the same company and come in flavors like "cheddar cheese and sunflower seeds," and even the ones containing peas, potatoes and other "normal" samosa ingredients have a funny aftertaste.

On Sundays, the Jewel of India has a popular lunch buffet for about $9. It usually has a number of vegetarian dishes (including a couple of vegan options, like chick peas, rice and lentils). On Monday-Saturday, the Jewel of India has lunch specials on regular menu items. All of the portions at Jewel of India are huge, so the lunch special is probably a better deal than the buffet (unless you eat a ridiculous amount of food).

The Jewel of India is one of a very small number of restaurants in the Hanover area that has multiple vegan items on its menu.

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