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If you've ever been to a burrito bar in, say, San Francisco, Boloco will be a huge disappointment. The burritos aren't that great. But, this is New Hampshire for God's sake, and in the bleak context of restaurants in these parts, Boloco is above-average.

It's one of those places where you place your order & then they shout out people's names - very jarring, and sometimes the employees seem a bit cold and aloof.

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Boloco has worse-than-average burritos if you're looking for a standard meatless burrito. However, if you can get past the idea of eating a burrito filled with tofu, broccoli and terriyaki sauce then it's actually a pretty decent place for vegans. Boloco also has a number of smoothies, a few of which are soy-based or fruit juice-based. The service is usually very quick, although it can be quite slow during peak lunch and dinner hours. Boloco also provides an online delivery service.

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