The Dirt Cowboy Cafe

Hanover, New Hampshire


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It's only "fair" in the context of bad Hanover cafes. Otherwise, I'd rate it as terrible. Interestingly, they individually brew their coffees, and yes, they have some tasty ones. But their selection isn't that great for organic or Fair Trade (no organic decaf, for example) and the only good food they have is their spinach croissant.

What makes this place especially mediocre is the bad layout: they cram all of the customers into a blob in front of the door by the counter. The atmosphere is just not cool & laid back like you want from a cafe. It's hard to believe this is a college town with the dearth of cafes with any sort of community or hippy feel.

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The Dirt Cowboy has a number of exotic loose teas, smoothies and espresso drinks, not to mention the best coffee in town (according to every Hanover resident that I have met). Unlike the Starbucks down the street, the Dirt Cowboy has many "seasonal" drinks year round, ex. pumpkin spice lattes. The staff is happy to make anything with soy instead of dairy milk and seems to be pretty conscientious about asking customers if they should hold the whipped cream if a customer requests soy milk. Unfortunately, none of the baked goods or sandwiches are vegan.

The Dirt Cowboy is a popular place for Dartmouth students to study. Depending on the time if day, it can be very difficult to get a table. Also, Dirt Cowboy closes at 6 PM, which can be very frustrating.

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This is a nice, quaint little cafe just off of Dartmouth's campus. I used to go here if I had out of town guests that weren't too keen on getting Dartmouth cafeteria coffee. The drinks were okay but nothing special (though their website says they'll be getting loose leaf teas soon). Go here for the ambience or if you just want to get out of the Dartmouth bubble for a few hours.

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