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Oglethorpe was renovated last summer and has a brand-new interior. The new offerings include burritos at O'Casa Wraps, specialty coffees at Joe at the O, stir fry and salad at the Oriental Trading Market, and the return of perennial student favorite Chicken Country Unlimited.

Seven-day meal plan participants enjoy the Saturday evening "Premium Entree" as well as the sumptuous and beautifully presented Sunday Buffet.

O-House can be vegetarian friendly if you know what to look for and what to avoid.

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O-House is generally one of the better dining halls for vegetarians. Like all UGA dining halls, the food is usually labeled with a leaf for vegetarian and a diamond for vegan. However, you can't always trust the labels. The dining hall is divided into sections with different types of foods (The Salad Bar, Oriental Trading Market(OTM), O-Casa Wraps, Oodles and More, Grill, Stacks, Chicken Country, Wild Oats, and Joe at the O). The salad bar is usually well stocked and has tofu and a variety of beans. However, I would not trust the salad dressing labels if they say vegetarian/vegan. The Caesar was once labeled vegetarian even though it had anchovies. The OTM has vegetarian sushi and you can pick your ingredients to make a vegetarian/vegan stir fry. If you tell the cooks you want vegetarian they are supposed to clean a section, put dividers up, and use special tools. However, they usually don't and so you may get remnants from other people orders in your food. The egg rolls are actually vegetarian (I read the label) and they fry them in vegetable grease in a separate compartment from the meat. At O-Casa Wraps ask them to change their gloves or at least tell the worker you are vegetarian! After a lot of orders in a row you always get meat on your gloves so your quesadilla/burrito will not be vegetarian. It is always a good idea to ask the workers if something has meat in it, they usually know what may have been contaminated and many are vegetarian/vegan themselves. Some tips: I would recommend bringing items from the salad bar to add to a wrap, don't get the brown rice (it is never good), and I have been told the refried beans are vegetarian but i haven't ever actually seen the label. There is always one vegetarian and one vegan entree for lunch and dinner at Oodles and More, which vary daily in their palatability. The main line usually has some vegetables and vegetarian sides. As a general rule, I don't eat anything that is fried because they use the same grease and same friers to cook veggie items that they use to cook the meat. At the grill, you can get any of the burgers with a veggie burger. However, if you order anything other than a plain veggie patty (which they microwave) your patty will go on the grill where they may or may not have recently cooked the regular burgers. Stacks offers deli sandwiches and I would also ask the worker to change their gloves. The best thing about Stacks is the hummus which you can always just ask for a bowl of. Chicken Country is mostly fried stuff and chicken so i try to avoid it. Wild Oats has toppings, bagels, and cereal (one of the few items where you may be able to read the ingredients). At Joe at the O, you can order any of the coffees, except the frozen ones, with soy milk.

Breakfast: If you are a vegan, you pretty much will not have any options during breakfast. They have vegan sausages (i dont know where they cook them), bagels, and cereal. For vegetarians, the pickings are also slim. Most breakfast items are fried in the same place as the meat. Also, all of the eggs are still not cage-free.

Sundays: Just dont go. They have the regular breakfast items in the morning and for lunch they have the special buffet. This buffet has maybe one vegetarian side, perhaps a vegetable, and some bread. I am pretty sure all of which have butter (the bread is drenched in it).

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Center of Campus


Oglethorpe Dining Commons is located off Lumpkin Street, next to Oglethorpe Residence Hall.

Wheelchair Accessible


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  • Eclectic (Varied)
  • Soul Food


  • Brunch
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  • Large Group-Friendly
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7am - 8pm
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