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We went there on "Vegan Night", aka Thursday, and thus got a free order of soy sticks with our pizza. The soy sticks were pretty good. The pizza we got was the Anne Curry which was a little bland. Ended up wishing we had gotten something else such as the Vegan Pesto Pie which is supposed to be pretty good.

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I've been going here maybe once or twice a year for the last few years and I gotta say that I'm not super impressed. The menu is hugely confusing and I've had numerous cashiers on separate visits have difficulty explaining how certain items are priced and what they include (annoying).

The first time I had the Mediterranean pizza, it was good but weird having basil and sun-dried tomatoes paired with Tofurkey sausage. I had it again last week and it had some other kind of vegan sausage, which was better. The Anne Curry is good, but a bit mild. We even got extra curry sauce on it but I feel it could have used more flavor. The mixed veggie pizza is also good, but better with soy cheese ($1 to add to a 9-inch personal pie). The bread sticks are also vegan and quite yummy. You also get a huge order for $4.50, so it's a good way to fill in the meal.

I was pretty disappointed with a visit last year when a the "vegan" cashier tried to push a non-vegan pizza on me. I ordered a spinach/feta cheese slice and asked that the feta be replaced w/ vegan (Follow Your Heart) cheese. The self-proclaimed vegan cashier said this was fine and assured me it would be vegan. After paying and sitting down, she came out and told me the slice actually wouldn't be vegan because all the individual slices have cheese on the crust, which the cooks then top and bake (good to know!) She asked if it would be okay because there wasn't that much cheese. I told her that I'm vegan so I don't want any dairy cheese. She then offered to scrape off the cheese and then add the soy cheese. At this point, I had to say "Wait, didn't you say you're vegan?" I told her I'd switch to the 9-inch personal vegan pizza (vegan crust) w/ the spinach and soy cheese. She said fine and charged me the $4.50 difference. Lame.

Apparently ONLY the personal pies are vegan, NOT the slices.

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Just had my first delivery from the east side location yesterday. Had the super veggie, and it was delicious. Being new to the vegan thing, I thought I would miss the cheese ... but I think this was honestly better without it!

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This is possible the best pizza place I have ever been to. The vegan choices for pizza is wonderful, and the food was fresh & fast. Great atmosphere for families. I can't wait to go back again.

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Very cool independent pizza shop on the southside of Milwaukee. I always get the Mediterranean mini-pie with the veg sausage. Staff has always been awesome. I have gone here so many times, and each time I look forward to coming back. It is very rare that my parents and I have a restaurant we agree upon, and this is one of them. I find it entertaining that in the same building there is a work out facility. I think they are trying to tell us something.

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I absolutely love their bread sticks! They are phenomenal and a great deal. I also enjoy their vegan pizzas (though they aren't the best I have had). It is a shame that they don't sell vegan slices though.

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Classic Slice is a decent place for vegan pizza in Milwaukee. When they opened they didn't have vegan cheese, which was annoying because they were hyped up as being super vegan-friendly, but you can find cheeseless pizza anywhere.

Since they added Follow Your Heart it is much better (though they charge you extra for it and don't add very much).

The curry pizza is a bit strange, so I recommend the Mediterranean or Super Veggie. They have nutritional yeast out in shakers to top the pizzas with, which is great.

The service is variable but never spectacular. The workers aren't very friendly but you don't need to interact with them much.

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I love that they deliver on bikes. I love that they have 3 vegan pizzas. I love that they have mini pizzas. I love that they have awesome bread sticks. And I love that they now have soy cheese (even if it's just sprinkled on top of toppings.

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