Crazy Bowls & Wraps

Saint Louis, Missouri


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this resturant is a chain and therefore feels like a chain, which is kind of a turnoff.

however, they have several locations that are very convenient and easy to locate. they have tons of vegan options like the zezty beans over rice bowl and they offer tons of great vegan "dressings" like cilantro jalapeno sauce, pico de gaio and even hummus!

rating star

Most of the stir-fry veggie bowls are also vegan. You get steamed veggies, your choice of brown or jasmine rice, and your choice of stir-fry sauce. The thai, garlic ginger, olive oil-herb-&-lime, and hot & spicy sauces are vegan. Stay away from the teriyaki and sesame sauces - an employee told me they are chicken-based. I like the thai stir-fry veggie bowl the best, and you can add steamed tofu for only 75 cents extra. Yum!

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