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If you want deep-fried, vegan food, Weird Fish is the place. They had at least five vegan options. I had the vegan "fish and chips" which was okay. It came with a good slaw and french-fried potatoes. My boyfriend had the "Vegetarian Vendetta" which is a surprise dish. It turned out to be deep-fried tofu over veggies. It was pretty tasty. If you like fried food, give this place a try. If you don't like fried food, stay away.

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This place is really cute, and the menu shows some good potential veggie and vegan options. I got the seitan and chips- the chips (fries) were great, but the fried seitan was too chewy. If I go back, I'll try the buffalo gals based on these other reviews.

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Weird Fish is a tiny cafe with a large selection of vegan options. There are two vegan fish-and-chips options: breaded seitan and breaded tofu. The breaded seitan came with tartar sauce and a generous portion of "chips" (or, as we Americans call them, fries). The seitan was crispy and fortunately didn't taste anything like fish. I enjoyed my meal with a glass of ginger lemonade, which was tangy and refreshing. My favorite part of the meal, however, was the "buffalo girls" appetizer: thick strips of seitan, breaded and deep fried and covered with buffalo sauce, served with vegan ranch dressing.

The meal was so filling and the servings were so large that I wasn't able to finish half of my entree. I was a little disappointed to learn that there are no take-away containers, which meant that my leftovers were wasted. Other than that, I was very happy with my meal at Weird Fish.

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Weird Fish, I want to love you so bad, but you keep disappointing me. Why do you do that? When we first met, I was wowed by your tiny cuteness and your vegan options. My mom didn't care for her fish and chips, but she's a mom and she's not vegan, so what does she know? But then my boyfriend saved a pigeon that was trying to kill itself in your front window and you didn't even given him a hero's slice of cake, wtf? I adore the Buffalo Girls, but the portion size changes, so they are an unreliable dinner. We keep taking people there and depending on how veg and/or how drunk they are, they are either irritated, impressed, or they find you mildly novel.

I think you are mostly hit and miss at this point. I'll go to Bender's satellite for the Buffalo Girls now because they are bigger and quicker (but it'll be just my luck to find they aren't vegan over there.) My bf loves that you have vegan pancakes but twice now we've been denied the pancake love; once because you had no tables available before the kitchen switched over (even though we were four and you had a 4-top with 2 yet-to-order diners seated at it and an empty 2-top next to them), and again yesterday because we arrived before 4-the time your own voicemail says breakfast is served til-but you told us no not so, so we left.

We won't be back for breakfast, especially since the one time I just wanted some vegan sausage, home fries, and fruit, you were out of sausage, so I opted (against my better judgement) to try your tofu scramble. It showed up at my table looking (and tasting) like something that comes up, not something that goes down. I ate the fries and toast instead and my plate was cleared with all but two bites removed from the brown, glossy, squishy tofu pile, yet nobody asked if there was a problem, if everything was okay, or if I'd like something else; denial of the still intact blob seemed like your standard MO. Another time I tried your vegan home fries with vegan cheese and sour cream. Sounds good on paper, but what I got was a mushy, cold-in-the-middle, lackluster, flavorless pile of mashed potatoes. It was also cleared, mostly intact, without any inquiry as to why.

WF, you make me sad. I can send you a recipe for a super easy and unbelievably delicious scramble. If you make it, you will be swarmed by hungry vegans who love to eat food that tastes, looks, and feels good. Also, please fix your voice mail so that tired, hung-over vegans don't get up late on a Saturday, call you to check on breakfast hours, drag themselves to the shower, then drive across town, spend a good chunk of time looking for parking, feed the meter with all their quarters, and then anxiously cross your threshold with thoughts of vegan pancakes dancing in their heads only to be flatly rejected by a waitress who has apparently never heard your voicemail and has no interest in accommodating said vegans even though the mistake is clearly yours.

All that said, good damn job for offering anything vegan! San Francisco needs more restaurants willing to go out on a limb when it comes to recognizing vegans as hungry customers with money and a need to eat.

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There are a few vegan options. I had the tofu "fish" which has a vegan soy batter and comes with a ginger sauce, this was really good. Their fries is a mixture of baking potatoes and yams, which are also really good! Everyone should try this place. The building is very small and seating is limited, so go at an odd time in order to find a place to sit. I highly recommend Weird Fish!

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