Bagel Rising

Boston, Massachusetts


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This is a quick-serve bagel shop with a couple interesting vegan options. I had the vegan "tequila sunrise" ($6) which is loaded with tofu, baked eggplant, cream cheese and other seasonings; it's really tasty but boy is it messy.

I wish Bagel Rising had more traditional vegan options, such as a bagel breakfast sandwich made with vegan sausage, marinated tofu and some pepperjack Daiya cheese or maybe some seasoned cashew cheese.

All that said, Bagel Rising offers a tasty vegan option (and a make-your-own option) and it's a nice thing to have when you're hungry in the morning.

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There always seems to be a line going out the door at Bagel Rising. That said, it's well worth the wait - the tofu "cream cheese" is amazingly good and comes in six flavors. I especially like the garlic tofu spread. I was less of a fan of the soy chai (it didn't have much flavor and came unsweetened).

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