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I took my carnivorous boyfriend to Nutshell, and we both enjoyed the creative ala carte menu, the atmosphere, and the friendly service. My favorites included the lettuce soup (just $1 for the timid and experimental) and the pineapple/mango tamale, a wonderful mix of sweet and savory. The oil, salt, and wine selections were varied and all of good quality.

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Everyone I know raves about this place, including non-vegans. So, I thought I'd give it a try, although I was worried it wouldn't live up to the expectations.

But it did. I was very impressed to hear that the menu changes not just seasonally, but sometimes weekly to accommodate the supply of fresh veggies from local farms; the chef often creates new and interesting dishes! My dinner companions asked about the lasagna they had last time. The waitress said that they didn't have any fresh tomatoes, so they weren't making lasagna right now. But they will get some heirloom tomatoes from a local farm soon, and will be making more lasagna. Wow. Lasagna made with heirloom tomatoes from a local farm!

I also loved that the waitress seemed to *love* working there. She raved about the chef and how great it is to work there. She seemed very genuine too; it didn't seem like a rehearsed speech.

The food was very good. Very creative too. Not your typical dish. I had a Jamaican entree that included lots and lots of different things. The orange stuffed stuffed with yams was amazing!! I also tried the risotto cakes which were good, but it was the appetizers that blew me away. When my friends ordered them, I thought...hmm, these don't sound interesting at all! Why are they ordering them? But they were really awesome. Very very flavorful. One was a beet and apple salad, the other something with red chard and kale. Sounds boring, right? You won't say that after you taste them! The chocolate tart with cashew vanilla sauce was very dense and tasty too. Very intense.

I'd definitely go again and I'd definitely recommend it to someone looking for a place that serve more creative, seasonal, or just plain yummy cuisine.It's a little bit expensive but not overly so (an entree is $12-14; appetizers and desserts are $5-7).

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