Rainbow Planet Coffee House

Tucson, Arizona

Closed as of Nov 1 08

606 N 4th Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85705
(520) 620-1770


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A small but charming cafe that's vegetarian, vegan and GLBT friendly


A small but charming cafe that's vegetarian, vegan and GLBT friendly. They have many great simple food like veggy corn dogs, herbal tea's, Veggie Dee-lux (Sliced tomato, romaine, avocado, red onion, cucumber, sunflower sprouts, carrot shreads, cream cheese, and vinaigrette served on toasted wheat bread. This place has GREAT prices most stuff is under 5 dollars and on top of it all the staff is always friendly.

GLBT community and embrace diversity. Everyone is welcome

Added by Andurl on Sep 2 07 (last updated Nov 19 08)

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Good atmosphere and friendly service (sometimes ridiculously friendly). Not a very good vegan selection. They have a pita sandwich and a veggie sandwich, but I've always been suspicious that neither the pita nor the bread was vegan. I was <I>told</I> they were vegan, but they had also been billing a BLT as vegan when the soy bacon had egg in it.

If you're not a picky vegan like me, this place is definitely worth a stop. I always root for LGBT establishments that aren't centered around alcohol.

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Like many of the shops and stores that surround it, the Rainbow Planet Cafe has an allure that immediately draws you in. Beyond the wonderful ambiance of local artwork and friendly staff, the cafe caters fresh, delicious food at reasonable prices. A must see.

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