B & H Vegetarian Restaurant

Manhattan, New York City
127 2nd Avenue
New York, New York


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Veg-friendly diner/restaurant

B & H is a veg-friendly restaurant serving omelets, sandwiches, stews & soups, salads, bakery, and random dishes like spaghetti, pizza, and....fish! They're a self-proclaimed vegetarian restaurant but they serve tons of fish. They do have vegan food, but it's mostly salad and steamed veggies with rice.

The restaurant is very small and has about 3 tables and 8 chairs at a crowded counter. They can get pretty busy on the weekend but they do offer food to go.

Added by Cass Danger on Aug 27 07 (last updated Aug 28 07)

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I hate this restaurant, not because they have bad food (I refuse to eat there), but because they call themselves a vegetarian restaurant, despite having a menu that is about 1/3 fish. People are constantly in there telling them that fish isn't vegetarian and that they should get it off the menu or change their name/sign, but they will just be very dismissive and say something like "Oh, it's okay, some people think fish is vegetarian. I don't want to argue."

Furthermore, their vegan options are limited to salad and steamed veggies. Are you kidding? Most steakhouses can do better than that. I just posted the place in case someone has heard of it and wanted to know what it's all about. Don't eat here!

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East Village


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10am - 11pm

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