New Start Veggie Garden

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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Awsome food... They add new dishes... Love it.. They ask suggestion to improve. Friendly... Highly recommended.

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This place is awesome!
If you are a true vegetarian, you should try here. :)

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The food here was OK. Some of the dishes were kind of weird, but most of the different stuff was OK. The avocado rolls are really good, but there really wasn't a huge variety of stuff I was familiar with. I tried some stuff I had never had before there and I don't know if it was really to my taste. I don't know if it's worth it to me to drive to the other side of the metroplex to eat there, but I might eat there again. The service was excellent and the guy that runs it was super nice and helpful. They show one of those vegetarian propaganda videos in the background, which is kinda weird too.

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WOW... amazing VEGAN food & atmosphere. My family & I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Veggie Garden! Wish you'd move to Austin :-)

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This is a welcome restaurant for vegans, and non-veg folks will love it too! It is located just off of the Royal/I-35 intersection along with many other Korean restaurants and grocery stores.

The restaurant is Korean in tone. And so the food is less highly seasoned than at the more usual veg/vegan buffet one finds in Dallas (which often is Indian). I happen to think that the food is wonderfully subtle just as prepared, yet with the seasonings that are supplied right at the buffet the food can be spiced up quite easily.

The buffet varies daily, with a number of standard items (mixed/fried rice, soups, sauteed veggies of different types, the mild but appealing hot mushroom tea). But there are variations on the standards, too: different kinds of uncooked, beautifully composed spring rolls; a barbeque-flavor, deliciously chewy non-meat entree; a noodle stir-fry (the yam-based clear noodle dish today had lovely aromatic mushrooms), something stew-like (today it was one of their very best dishes ever, a fragrant but delicate pumpkin dumpling, braised with a light vegetable sauce).

The staff are extremely warm and attentive. They go to great effort to keep the buffet freshly supplied. The place is impeccably clean and relaxing (nice music, attractive decor). What a great value ($6.99 buffet all you can eat at a Saturday lunch) for such fresh and healthful meals!

My 91 year old mother and my Texas-born husband, both of whom definitely are not veg, say that today's lunch was one of the best meals they have ever had--memorably flavored and artfully displayed. I certainly hope that New Start Veggie Garden finds the wide, appreciative audience that it deserves.

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I just ate at this restaurant and could not wait to get home and write a review for them. Firstly the place is immaculate and has a very inviting and warm atmosphere. I travel quite a bit and have never found such an extensive vegan buffet. All of the dishes were amazing. I can't even begin to mention how great the service was. The manager visited our table several times and made us a special dish from a mixture of wonderful ingredients on the buffet. They are also currently having a $6.99 lunch and dinner special - you can't beat that, so give them a will not be disappointed. I will keep this short because the other reviews mention everything you need to know. Great food, great service, great place!!

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Greetings! I am writing a very positive (albeit a moderately long) review because I want this restaurant to succeed and because there isn't any place in Dallas that I have seen that really brings the philosophy of good health together with great taste and quality. A key factor in the decision-making for most vegetarians/vegans when going out to eat is TRUST, and I hope that this review will help those on the fence try this new concept.

I have been to this restaurant several times, and I am surprised each time I go. First of all, it's buffet style, which is perfect. The food is very good, and I will not qualify that by adding "for not being meat." The dishes on the buffet line stand for themselves and are packed with flavor. There are a few exceptions where there are non-seasoned items, but there are plenty of healthy toppings on the counter space to liven things up in those cases. I asked the owner about their cooking practices, and she said that they try not to fry anything, but when they do, they do it very lightly and only use the oil not more than twice. That surprised me at first, but when she told me the reasons why, there were no more silly questions from me. She is apparently a cancer survivor who discovered the vegan way during her western-style cancer treatments and made a total recovery (remission) by completely changing her diet. What you see in this restaurant is a culmination of her research and association with doctors and vegan chefs across two continents. She apparently also has health seminars off-and-on right in the restaurant.

At any rate, the food is made just-in-time in most cases, which means that though there seems to be not much in the bins, they get filled quickly to meet demand and the owner's freshness requirements.

The soups seem to vary over time, but I am not a soup guy and did not taste all of them. I did try the miso and pumpkin soup, and they were good. For the most part, I could recognize the buffet items, but in some instances, I could not tell. That's when the owner came by and started explaining things to me and suggested all kinds of combinations that were fantastic. She is obviously very dedicated, and she even busses the tables!

Some items look just like meat (chicken or beef), but when you bite into the pieces, you can tell that they are made from some kind of vegetable. It's not bad at all, just different. The dishes with this substitute are great with the brown rice they have there. I could tell that the dishes started to get more varied, and the owner said that she brought in a visiting Chinese chef to help with new ideas. Their curry with potatoes was great, and their black bean noodle sauce is to die for. I just could not stop eating the black bean sauce!

Other standard items I sampled were eggrolls, awesome veggie burgers (you can get this to go anytime for a fee, but it's sometimes included in the buffet), and lasagna (which can dry out if you come late). It seems that they use very little added oil in their cooking. If you want more, you can add some sesame oil. They also have a lettuce wrap station that I needed help understanding, but once you know, you can't beat the taste of fresh veggies/rice and spicy red sauce and sesame oil, wrapped in crispy lettuce. It's all fresh, and I have yet to see anything wilted.

Next, the dessert. They don't have a huge selection, but the stuff they have out is flavorful. The pieces are small, and I understand why: honestly, after stuffing myself on the buffet line, I always forget about what's on the opposite counter. They have great cookies, and they have this interesting cheesecake made from tofu. It actually was lighter than normal cheesecake in taste but good nonetheless.

The food was great, but the most impressive thing to me was the tea that was offered for free. This tea is made from a special type of mushroom that is anti-carcinogenic. I really like kukicha, brown rice, and green teas, and this tea was just as nutty, and had a slight sweetness to it. I'm going to do some research into the properties of this mushroom because I definitely feel warmer about an hour after drinking the tea.

The seating area is wide-open, clean, and welcoming, and sometimes they will have interesting documentaries on health, GMO foods, and nutrition playing on a big flatscreen LCD. There are live plants that line the area. Everything looks new, and the men's bathroom is pristine.

They have breakfast during the week, but I have yet to check that out. It'll probably be soon, since I'm not too far away. You can see what is available for breakfast because they have a picture menu, which probably means it's an order-only deal, no buffet. The pictures looked great, and they continue to make the entrees look like the real things: pancakes, crepes, "egg" bagel, ham-biscuit, etc.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this restaurant for anybody interested in non-meat dishes, those concerned with healthy eating, or those just curious about vegan food and willing to go on a small adventure of the palette. You’ll be stuffed for sure! Enjoy!

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This restaurant is awesome! I make it a priority to be there at least once a week. The food is very fresh, the variety is great and the desserts wonderful. It is so difficult to find a vegan place that has such variety in flavors (not your traditional soy burgers and tofu dogs).

The mushroom tea is not only delicious, but it is good for you.

I recommend going for lunch if you like crowds, but for a quiet evening, dinner is good.

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The first thing that I noticed upon walking in to this restaurant was its cleanliness. Everything in the facility was spotless and immaculate, even the restroom (literally, the bathroom floor was so clean I could have eaten off it). Secondly, I noticed the appealing atmosphere as well as the lovely decor. I found no cheap stackable chairs or walls that have been painted one too many times. Instead, the furniture and fixtures were attractive and elegant, and the wall mural added an airy bistro-style ambiance and freshness. The entire decor was created with well-planned style and without frugality. It was obvious that this restaurant is a newbie by the slightly too-open layout, but that small detail takes a far backseat when considering everything...especially the food. Here you will find no overly sugary sweets, processed foods, heavily cooked entrees, or even standard condiments. Everything is healthy, vegan, and fresh, fresh, FRESH. Don't even bother asking for soda, because it's not served here. You'll only find pure iced water and a lovely mushroom health tea. The entire span of their buffet is comprised of the freshest food I've ever seen. It consists of authentic Korean selections that have been modified to accomodate vegans and the health-conscious. The dishes are very close to authentic (less some of Korea's infamous mouth-flaming spicing techniques), so it was quite refreshing not to see any stereotypical sushi rolls or cheap chinese imitations. The cuisine is quite different so this restaurant would be hell for anyone glued to American-only dishes, but it's heaven for folks who like international dining and love trying different types of food. And again, I can't stress enough the crispness, green-ness, and the amazing freshness of their food. Every selection looked far fresher and livelier than 95% of what's in my own refrigerator right now. All that for only $10 for dinner puts this restaurant on my weekly must-eat dining list. If I could give New Start Veggie Garden six stars, I would.

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I was in Dallas on a business trip last week, and didn't think I would be able to find good vegetarian food in this land of cattle and steak. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the discovery of this tasty vegan buffet restaurant. I was only able to eat there once however, as they had temporarily stopped serving dinner Monday-Wednesday due to slow winter business. The food was amazing; you can see some photos on their web page.

There is a huge variety of dishes, and it's all freshly made from scratch in their kitchen (not bought from elsewhere). Their web page claims that they don't even used processed sugar, and they offer healthy ingredients like brown rice, and use raw and uncooked preparation methods where possible to preserve nutrients. The focus is on healthy foods, but the taste is not compromised at all. I tried a little of everything, and wish I could have access to a restaurant like this in Phoenix...I would be in heaven! At $8.99 for lunch, and $10 for dinner, it's very reasonably priced for healthy, tasty vegetarian food.

By the way, try the mushroom tea, it's delicious! I really hope this restaurant thrives, so go with your friends and try it, and support awesome vegetarian food in Dallas!

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