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Jasmine 26 now uses gluten-free tamari! This is exciting for us gf vegans. It opens up a lot more options there. They also revamped their menu a little - so there are a few new things to try out.

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Well, I prefer their sister restaurant, the Jasmine Deli, but I have to say, this place has really good food too. It's a bit more expensive than the Jasmine deli, but I got my money's worth and even had to bring some home to finish later. Also, the family that owns the place is really nice and very attentive to your needs and questions.

Ultimately, I think the Jasmine Deli cheaper options, especially when it comes to sandwiches...but still, this place is worth checking out for the friendly service and tasty food.

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Jasmine 26 is one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. The food and service are excellent, the atmosphere and location are ideal, and they are fantastic at serving vegans. A knowledgeable server will be happy to recommend the best vegan menu items. On Chinese New Year, I stopped in to discover that they were serving a 7 course vegan meal and doing a traditional dragon dance right in the dining area!

Order the salt and pepper tofu. If you have a friend who is skeptical about tofu, this is the dish to have them try! I am also a huge fan of the vegetarian pho, the tofu and mock duck crepe and the basil noodles (just ask them to leave out the egg).

If they labeled their vegan food, I would give Jasmine 26 five stars.

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Atmosphere: 4.5
Jasmine 26 has a very romantic, aesthetically-appealing setting, with a bar running along one side of the restaurant. Great for a special night out.

Service: 4.0
Our server made sure we had what we needed and could recommend the popular vegan dishes.

Food: 4.5
We had the Salt and Pepper Tofu, the crepe, and the coconut hot pot. All were delicious, but the crepe was by far the best. It had a crunchy crisp texture, filled with tofu, mock duck, and vegetables that were perfectly seasoned, and came with a light dressing that finished this dish off perfectly. The Salt and Pepper Tofu was a great appetizer (a bit too salty for some, perhaps, but I thoroughly enjoyed it), though I think it would have been better served with a bit of rice. The coconut hot pot was very good, and the vegetables fresh, but it was not as stellar and original as the crepe (at least to someone who has had curries with lemongrass in them before).

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I visited Jasmine 26 tonight and had an amazing experience. The server was extremely knowledgeable when it came to asking if certain things are vegan, and after asking if one item was vegan, she remembered and made recommendations that were vegan. When bringing out the hot sauces, she even said that they were all vegan.

I had the "Veggie Egg Rolls with Tofu," which was delicious and vegan, despite the name. I split the "Sea Salt and Pepper Tofu Cube," which had about a dozen cubes of perfectly prepared tofu and peppers. A friend that was with had vegetarian pho, which was vegan and also good.

Great atmosphere, reasonable prices and great service! The only improvement might be that they mark items that are vegan or could be made vegan, but there is a statement at the bottom of every page of the menu stating that "Jasmine 26 is vegetarian friendly." In reality, they are very vegan-friendly!

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This place is pretty good as far as foofy/swanky restaurant/bars go. In general, this isn't my kind of scene, but I've ended up here a bunch of times recently with friends.

By far the best thing on the menu is the salt & pepper tofu appetizer. It's just delicious, especially with some chili garlic sauce on top.

I also like their basil noodles, the crepe, and their red curry, though the red curry could definitely be a bit more flavorful.

Overall, I feel like the food would be better if it was cheaper. Basically, you pay a few more dollars for atmosphere, and get the same quality of food you'd get in a cheaper, less foofy restaurant.

On the other hand, the service is always good, they're very helpful in determining what's vegan, and there is a surprisingly large selection of vegan items.

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Definitely still 5 stars after eating an actual dinner here last night! I'd give more stars if I could.

Instead of a cocktail this time, I had a glass of Syrah, which was reallllly good. Between the four of us, we shared the Jasmine Crepe (vegetarian style), two bowls of the Vegetarian Pho, and Spicy Eggplant (with the addition of fried tofu). For apps, we had the Vegetarian Egg Rolls (which are actually vegan, remember) & the Salt & Pepper Tofu.

God, this food is soooo good. Everything was amazing, and I especially loved the Pho. The broth was SO flavorful, and the vegetables, mock duck & tofu tasted so fresh.

Bonus: Our server, who was the same one as last time, remembered our names! (I went back with the same friend & my boyfriend, plus the addition of one more.) We'd only been here one time like three weeks ago, so I couldn't believe he remembered all our names.

I'm really glad I don't live right next door to Jasmine 26 because if I did, I'd be one FAT vegan. Seriously, I'd eat here everyday, and be fat & poor - but it would be worth it.

Oh. My. God. Best food I have had in awhile time... And I didn't even intend on eating here.

After a potluck last Friday, my boyfriend, our friend, and I decided to stop in here for a drink or four. None of us had ever been, but had heard great things about their cocktails & their vegan food offerings.

The ambiance was really nice, and the hostesses were very friendly, as was our waiter (Zack--who was also vegan & had lots of information & recommendations for us)! I am not typically a cocktail/martini drinker because I am a lightweight & don't like the taste of booze... But their offerings were so intriguing that I ended up getting two while we were there.

Between the three of us, we sampled 5 drinks & all of them were DELICIOUS. Unfortunately, they don't have their drinks listed on their website & I can't remember the names of what we got, but I think it's safe to say you can't really go wrong. I know for sure my first drink was the Ginger Fizz, and that was awesome.

Even though we just came from a potluck, we were so excited to see such enticing vegan food on their menu that we ended up ordering the Salt & Pepper Tofu and the Veggie Egg Rolls with Tofu. (And amazingly, the Egg Rolls are actually vegan, as they're wrapped with a tasty, crunchy, eggless wheat wrap.)

Okay, words cannot do justice to the Salt & Pepper Tofu. It was just amazingly delicious & I was sort of mad that I had to share it with two other people, even though I wasn't hungry to begin with... The Egg Rolls were also really good, but we had those after the tofu, so my tastebuds were still in shock over the mind-blowing deliciousness of that. Our server also brought out pineapple & peanut dipping sauces. I didn't care for the texture of the pineapple for some reason, but the peanut sauce was great!

This place was pretty empty when we were there (like 10 p.m. on a Friday), so I hope good word of mouth travels & it sticks around for a long time. I'm reallllly excited to come back here for lunch or dinner soon! There was quite the variety of vegan options on the menu, and a lot of what wasn't vegan could be made so.

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my boyfriend and i went here for dinner. it was really tasty. i had the vegan crepe and he had pad thai. i also had a lychee martini and that was tasty as well. he has a ginger ale cocktail and that wasn't half bad either. it's kind of expensive, however. i'd go here on a date night. it's pretty swanky.

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I enjoyed my meal here but I have to say that I didn't find Jasmine 26 to be deserving of all the hype VegGuide.org implies (perhaps I just didn't order the right things, though).

I tried the sea salt and pepper tofu, which came highly recommended, and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the unbelievably delicious appetizer I was expecting it to be. The tofu was well fried and it was tasty but the seasoning was very bland (thank goodness for dipping sauces!).

I had the vegetarian pho soup, which is good, but probably would have been better if I hadn't added a 1/2 gallon of hot sauce. The broth was flavorful and I liked the mock duck in it but I avoided the tofu chunks, which were pretty plain (just tofu chunks). I sampled a friend's eggplant dish, which was very good and I think I preferred to my own.

I would return here in the future, and if I do, I would likely order the crepe that I see everyone raving about. :)

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The Jasmine Crepe was delicious, and the sea salt and pepper tofu is every bit as great as people say. Knowledgeable and friendly staff and numerous vegan options.

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The service was good, and the decor was appealing, but the food was disappointing -- especially considering the high prices. The Jasmine Crepe was pretty, but also oily and soggy. The Red Curry Duck (which was ordered sans duck) was spicy, but not especially flavorful. It also had an inordinate amount of green bell peppers. I did enjoy my Fresh Ginger Ale, however, and I was delighted that it was made from scratch. But conventional ginger-ale drinkers should be forewarned that the ginger flavor is strong and the drink is not very sweet.

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Consistently, the food and drinks here exceed expectation! It's tough not to order the one-of-a-kind, melt-in-your-mouth salt and pepper tofu every time I go, but there are so many vegan and vegetarian items on the menu that eventually, I can't resist trying the next outstanding dish. The service staff is always attentive, friendly, & helpful. The food is great, flavorful, and served in generous portions. Their bar menu demands frequent returns in an effort to sample all the creative options. Pricing is good for the quality of the food, service, and atmosphere. HIghly recommended!

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Love this place. They really know how to cook tofu! The sea salt & pepper tofu is to DIE FOR, and the tofu in the red curry is fantastic. I really love this place and would highly recommend it!

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Jasmine 26 has turned me into a monster. I went there a naive innocent young man and came out a toughened tofu junky. It can not be just any kind of tofu. It has to be 'sea salt and pepper tofu.' Before I fell in with the likes of Jasmine 26, I had never heard of the stuff. I never thought in all my years something such as 'sea salt and pepper tofu' would find its way into my city.

I remember thinking, 'this looks pretty good, maybe I should try a little bit of it.' Several platefuls later and I felt my eyes glaze over. I soon found myself shaking. I think I was having some sort of food orgasm. It was all I could do to grab hold of the delicious beer that the wait staff had set in front of me and gulp it down my throat. 'Maybe this will calm me," I thought. Eventually everything settled into a satisfying hum of rhythmic contentment.

I managed to make it home before I realized that I have a problem. I don't live close to Jasmine 26. I won't be able to make it there more than once per month. I can't do it. I need 'sea salt and pepper tofu' now. If you see someone on the street with a sign that says "will perform ridiculously degrading act for Jasmine 26," it is probably me.

O, and they are vegan friendly.

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UPDATE: There was some concern that the curry pastes here contained shrimp or anchovy. The latest report is that they do not but you should ask questions anyway. Otherwise, the menu is super vegan-friendly and the waiters are knowledgeable.

Jasmine 26 is urban-chic and modern and has excellent food quality and prices. I've been eating and drinking there for about a year now and I still love it. It's my go-to place for late night meals, dates, or when I want to impress out-of-town guests. I dare say it's the flagship Vietnamese restaurant of the Twin Cities.

Most of their vegetarian/vegan items max out at $12-15 (lunch prices are 20-40% cheaper, but the portion sizes are smaller). The vegetarian crepe (which is actually vegan) and the veggie spring rolls are both wonderful; the crepe is especially unusual and the portion size is huge. Their lemongrass noodle "salad" is spicy, huge and delicious. The spring rolls are fresh and served with an excellent spicy peanut sauce, but the real thing that makes them stand out is a hint of mint. Also make sure to try their sea salt and pepper tofu cube appetizer which is so popular and delicious that I always overhear non-veg people at other tables ordering it.

The service is always friendly and they have a nice bar and drink menu with unusual Vietnamese and Asian cocktails and beers. Recently they added a cheap late night menu (after 10 p.m.) which includes the delicious banh mi mock duck sandwich you can find at their other restaurant, Jasmine Deli.

Jasmine 26, unlike Azia next door, creates the atmosphere of a local hangout with regulars and devoted customers, while still seeming upscale and sophisticated. This is a rare feat. I've become a "Norm-like" fixture (a la "Cheers") because I can always wander in, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and get a great meal and drink. You can't do that at Azia. The hours are great for nighthawks looking for a meal or a drink after the 10 p.m. close of most other restaurants. Jasmine 26 is highly recommended.

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I tried four different items my first evening at Jasmine 26. Both appetizers—the Salt and Pepper Tofu and spring rolls—were fantastic. It was interesting to eat the spring rolls as they slice them sushi style, which makes for large bites, but it also makes it easier to eat without spilling the fillings. The tofu was very well executed, which is critical since its seasonings are simple.
The Jasmine Crepe was an entirely new experience for me—the coconut flavor with bean sprouts, mung beans, onions, and tofu is comparable to nothing I’ve eaten before, but thoroughly enjoyed. On that night I also ordered the Red Peanut Curry, which can be ordered with either mock duck or tofu, but I latered found out it wasn't actually vegan.
My second trip I ordered the Coconut Hot Pot made with vegan broth and an eggplant stirfry with tofu. The tofu was lacking in flavor and I would have preferred more eggplant instead of protein, but otherwise both were delicious. The server recommended ordering more rice with the hotpot but we didn't finish the amount that came with our meals.
The service at Jasmine 26 is attentive, to the point that my water glass rarelys dips below 2/3 full. The waiters and owners are very friendly and willing to ensure that everything could be made vegan. The ambiance doesn't hurt either-the restaurant is dim but attractive and great for special nights out.
I would definitely recommend eating here. Jasmine 26 labels itself “Vegetarian Friendly” and indicates on its menu that most menu items can be made without meat. I didn’t get a chance to ask how many can be made vegan, but the items I tried were good enough to bring me back regardless.

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A very nice atmosphere to enjoy fine Vietnamese cuisine. I appreciate that most things on the menu can be made vegan--even their mock duck-stuffed crepe is egg-free and vegan! Their vegan appetizers are delicious--most notably the salt and pepper fried tofu. This savory and crispy tofu is unique and very flavorful. The spring rolls are pretty good, and the fried egg rolls (again without actual eggs) are okay. I look forward to dining here again and trying more of the entrees!

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I had the pho, and it was very fresh and tasty. The serving size was large, and the price was good. The service was excellent. This place is fantastic!

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This place is great. I have always been a fan of Jasmine Deli and was excited when I heard they were opening a nicer place. I would imagine many of you know that as much as we love a lot of the asian eateries they are often not in the nicest spaces. The space is modern and elegant but not pretentious. The family is of course, nice as can be and joke around and modify anything they possibly can. I just went here for a friend's birthday and they treated him like a V.I.P.
I have had the Tamarind hotpot, the vegetarian crepe and the Coconut curry hotpot. All of it delicious. The experience of eating the crepe is terribly fun since you use your hands. The Coconut Curry hotpot is one of the best things I have ever eaten. It is rich, spicy and smells fantastic. The basil tofu spring rolls are always crunchy and I can't even began to describe the salt and pepper tofu. They have succeeded in making a full upscale dining experience for the veg community.
I also can say the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food and service.
The bar menu is full of original drinks including the Salted Plum Margarita and the Pom Bomb(one of the lightest, most inspired drinks I have ever had). They use fresh ingredients and local produce.
One other note, the front door which was imported from Thailand is beautiful and worth a visit just to look at. I was also told they'd be happy to get one for you if you like.

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At first you might not notice that the bottom of every menu page says "vegetarian friendly... just ask". They are not kidding. Most of the menu items should really read more like other places where they list the style of the dish and you pick your protein. Since the staff is largely comprised of the family that owns the restaurant, questions about the menu and modifications are handled with knowledge and friendliness.

In several visits both before and after their official grand opening, I have tried both Coconut and Tamarind Hot Pots, Vietnamese Crepe, Fresh Ginger and Yellow Bean Sauce, and the Green Curry, as well as the Salt and Pepper Tofu and Spring Roll appetizers. Without exception they were all delicious, and the Hot Pots and Curry were particularly notable dishes.

In my opinion, of the upscale Asian cuisine in Minneapolis, this is easily the best quality and value.

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Really enjoyable. Yes, the salt and pepper tofu is as good as people are always saying. Many vegan options. The vegetarian crepe (rice flour) is great. Love the curries and hot pots. It is a fun place to go to dinner - cost is reasonable and the quality of both food and drinks is high. I've had a great time on every visit. Make sure to ask if a dish can be converted to veg - they do it with many items.

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Jasmine 26 finally had their grand opening this past weekend. I was there for the excitement. They've added MUCH more to their menu including noodle salads. They have a statement on each page of the menu that says they are a vegetarian friendly restaurant....and indeed they are. The vegetarian pho is amazing. The salt and pepper tofu is exquisite....quite possibly the best tofu I've *ever* had. Most dishes can be made vegan, even if they aren't listed as such on the menu....just ask! I've had a number of dishes made with mock duck in place of animal flesh. The staff is very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable.
I love this restaurant more than any other in the Twin Cities. The atmosphere, food, drinks, staff, all A++++ in my book. They are also large group friendly. I love to bring my friends here - veggies and non-veggies.

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By far my most favorite restaurant. They have Vegetarian Pho. My most missed dish since I went vegetarian. :)

Only a few other vegetarian items and I haven't tried them. They make it just how I want it. Service was kind of funky when they started, but has settled down and now makes sense (They would bring me the meat pho, set it down, then say sorry and take it to the back and a few minutes later emerge with my real meal). That happened almost like clockwork for the first 5 or 6 times, but now it's just great. Have to ask for more basil and jalapeno normally, but that's a small price to pay and they are quick about it.

A little more pricey but if you want a nice sit down establishment with good table service. Definitely worth it.

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Pricey and not very good. I much prefer the cheaper and tastier Jasmine Deli across the street. The space is gorgeous, however.

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Just went there for the 1st time tonight and it was excellent!! I got the salty tofu appetizer and the vegetarian crepe. Both outstanding. The food is way better and the prices are cheaper than AZIA across the street. Very nice trendy decor. The menu is very different from Jasmine Deli/ Jasmine Orchid (also owner by the same family) so no need to worry that you are just getting the same food for a higher price. When we were there they said they would be expanding the menu in September. I thought even the current menu has a good selection of veg options. Yum, I will def. be frequenting this place.

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