China Palace

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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My wife and I always eat here when we don't want to think of a place to eat. We always order our favorite- orange chicken (veggie meat) and vegetable fried rice (no egg). You can also get brown or white rice for free. I get extra brown rice. The spice is just right and hits the spot too! Staff are friendly. Not that pricey but not cheap too. Worth it..

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I used to eat her alot when it was called Zen Garden & Hunan Kitchen. I haven't been since they changed it but when I used to go I was always very pleased with everything. I for one love the food here and doubt that animal fat or any other foul play ever took place. Yummy!!!

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The food here was greasy, uninspired and bland. The mockmeat was too chewy and I have the sneaking suspicion that it was cooked in chicken fat. Not to be recommended.

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