Garden of Eatin

Miami, Florida


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A friend and I stopped here for lunch last week and were really excited to find a vegan Haitian restaurant but we both left fairly disappointed. We got the "little bit of everything" plate, which contained - surprise, surprise - a little bit of everything. That day's menu included curried soy fish, tofu, okra, and a bok choy/carrot mix over rice. The soy fish had a really good curry sauce which was very flavorful and interesting. I don't recall exactly what the tofu tasted like but I recall that it was very bland, as was the okra and the bok choy.

Aside from the soy fish, it didn't taste like they use many seasonings (salt, garlic, spice, whatever) and there weren't any condiments around so we were basically stuck with what we got. Our plates were $12 each - quite a bit for mediocre buffet food. I generally try to support small, independent establishments - particularly those that are vegetarian/vegan, but I really think this place is overpriced and not very good. :(

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