Pita Delites

Louisville, Kentucky


rating star

I've been a fan of this place for at least two decades. I remember the location across from Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

If, like me, you are changing your diet for your health and desperately seeking healthier comfort food, check this place out. Hummus and baba ganoush to die for! Remember to ask for a side of hot sauce if you have an appreciation for the like...it is great dumped on top of a "half & half" or with your mujadara. The tahini is my usual choice of salad, but when I'm feeling like a splurge I choose tabouleh. The whole menu is a "delite" and is chock full of vegetarian/vegan choices.

The owner practically lives in his kitchen, bless his heart. He's a fellow southeast-ender and always makes time to talk with me about the neighborhood when he comes out to the dining room to greet his patrons. It's great food and good people. Nuff sed!

rating star

Best food I've ever had! Seriously! Go there and try it out!

Falafel sandwich plate was perfect. Came with awesome rice & lentils.

Friendly staff knows what "vegan" means.

Lentil soup is to die for as is the Babaganoush. They clearly make their own pitas because they are perfect, hot, and doughy.

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