The Grand Wok & Sushi Bar

Las Vegas, Nevada


rating star

A few years ago I went to this restaurant and had the most amazing salt and pepper deep fried tofu. I was still craving it 3 years later, but much to my disappointment they no longer had it on the menu.

However, they added some of the most delicious tofu-lettuce cups I've ever had! Diced tofu and veggies in a sweet glaze of some sort. Messy to eat, but worth it.

I also had the braised tofu, which was a soup-entree consisting of bok choy, *lots* of oyster mushrooms, braised tofu, and a few other veggies. The waitstaff was very friendly and seemed comfortable with "strict vegetarian" and assured us the food would not have any fish/oyster sauce or meat broth in it.

The dish was so-so, I think the broth they used was too overwhelming with mushroom flavor and made me a little queasy. Then again, it could have been that I hadn't had a real meal in a long time and had been living off of alcohol (thanks, Vegas). The lettuce cups were fantastic, though.

I've never had the sushi here, but there is only one veggie roll on the menu, so I feel as though I'm not missing much. A little on the expensive side, but I'll keep coming back whenever I'm in town for a quick bite to share with a friend.

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