Ritual Coffee Roasters

San Francisco, California


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This is a great little spot for vegans. The hammer and sickle symbol is a little cliche, but the coffee is first rate and there is a large selection of vegan baked goods. A friend of mine warned me to stay away from the vegan donuts but recommended the vegan bundt cake, which was fantastic. It was moist and had a wonderful vanilla almond flavor.

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Excellent coffee (they roast their own), wonderful pastries. The hipster scene is a little bit tiring, but the eats are good.

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These donuts were fabulous! My friend and I shared a glazed and a blueberry glazed and both were fabulous. A lot of the toppings weren't as elaborate as some other vegan donuts I've seen in other cities (like Voodoo Donuts in Portland), but the actual flavor of the donut was better. It was sweeter and had a stronger flavor, and didn't need to rely on the flavor of the topping or glaze.

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