Laughing Planet

Portland, Oregon


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Nice place, black bean burrito was ok.

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I've only been here once. It seemed decent, but nothing special. I ordered a Cuban Bowl which was the most interesting thing on the menu, but it was just ok; it was a bit bland and really something I could make at home with little effort. The place looked like a funky little place, but the menu seemed pretty boring to me.
I thought I'd mention that I went there with a friend and her two kids; she *loves* this place and so do her kids.

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Try the Cuban Bowl, it's goooood stuff. Excellent place for vegan/vegetarians. Fresh ingredients. Polite servers who don't mind when you're being a bit picky about how you'd like a dish to be prepared... Love that! I love all the current dishes, but the menu needs some new ideas...

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Great burritos, great smoothies and tasty vegan baked goods. My favorite burrito is the Che Guevara, even though it doesn't come with tempeh in it like a recent Willy Week claims. It does come with black beans, sweet potatoes and plantains! Other great treats are the PB &J Smoothie and the Vegan Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bar.

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This was a cute little cafe with plenty of vegan options, including some raw, if that's your thing. They had a number of burritos, but the Che Guevarra seemed to be the best. I also had some plantains with BBQ sauce because they sounded so interesting. They tasted like they were sauted and the BBQ sauce was sort of a BBQ-salsa mix. Pretty good.

I'd say my favorite item was the vegan peanut butter and jelly smoothie, which tasted like a strawberry-peanut butter milkshake. Delicious.

The outdoor patio was great, but I didn't like that people were smoking.

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