Coffee Hag

Mankato, Minnesota


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The Coffee Hag is a "real-deal" community coffee house and all the better because it's a vegetarian community coffee house!

The Hag has serious veg-cred. It's one of the first establishments in the area to deliberately forgo meat in their menu (completely vegetarian since it opened in 1992) and it's is one of the only places in town where you're likely to find a vegan working behind the counter. The Hag has a culture favorable to food ethics and environmental issues, which I love.

The food is excellent and just perfect for a no-hassle vegan or vegetarian snack or lunch. The coffee is also outstanding. Every house drink is made with fair trade and organic coffee and it's easy to have them use soy or almond milk for a small upcharge.

Vegan-specific notes: While the house-made chai and cranberry granola are delicious and can prepared/served with soy or almond milk, they are sweetened with honey. Ask about the vegan cocoa baby cookies and peanut butter blondie bars. They're not always available, but they are delicious!

rating star

The Coffee Hag is one of my favorite coffee shops in Mankato. It seems the menu is different almost every day, but the hummus plate is always available and always satisfying. The soup of the day is often vegan, just ask. The staff seems knowledgeable about what food is vegan, and they're happy to answer questions. They carry a nice variety of loose-leaf teas, which may well be my favorite part of The Hag. There is typically plenty of seating, and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed.

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